Evacuee high school graduates honor friend killed on October 7 in touching graduation party tribute

Israeli 12th graders from Nofei ha-Bsor High School in Kibbutz Magen paid tribute to their classmate Mor Meir, who was killed along with her dad, Doron, on October 7, by recreating her final dance on TikTok.

In an Instagram post, the students are seen re-enacting the final dance Mor posted to TikTok, with the video playing in the background.

Two students held up a sign saying “an angel, for the whole grade,” and the video was captioned “not a dry eye” and “12th grade in their graduation dance with Mor Meir.”

High school graduation party

Israeli high schools traditionally hold graduation parties, unlike those common in the US and abroad.

Instead, their graduation party is where the students receive their graduation certificates and then put on an elaborate show, with acting, singing, and dancing for their teachers, families, and friends.

OVERLOOKING THE Dead Sea from the perspective of hills near Kfar Hanokdim. (credit: SETH J. FRANTZMAN)

This year’s graduation party was held at the Dead Sea, where the students had been evacuated after it was no longer safe to stay in their communities near the Gaza border.

Several students also lost family members, including Yuval Sharabi, whose father was murdered and whose uncle was kidnapped, Yam Avni, who also lost his father, as well as others who lost multiple family members.

Principal Eyal Davori told Ynet, “They all lost family members, friends, and loved ones, and now mark a significant landmark in a world that has turned upside down.”

Shiri, Mor’s sister, said, “Of course, I was at the ceremony, and I didn’t know that her friends were planning to do the dance. It was a complete and exciting surprise.”

“Mor was supposed to graduate from the twelfth grade this year. She filmed the dance with another classmate at the beginning of the year and planned to perform the dance at the end of the year.”

“Her friends eventually decided to screen the dance and dance it on stage. It was crazy exciting. I was surprised and started crying after a long time without crying. They are champions, and they did it perfectly.”