Empowering Wellness: Essential Menstrual Hygiene Practices For A Healthy And Comfortable Life

Menstrual Health & its impact has been understated and undervalued for decades now. The right practice in menstrual hygiene not only ensures a good quality of life and better pain management during menstruation but also makes up for improved confidence and relaxation as a whole.

Menstrual hygiene includes a comprehensive set of practices to ensure optimal health and cleanliness during the menstrual cycle. This includes practicing personal hygiene, choosing the right product, and their correct use amongst many others. 

Women not practicing proper hygiene, always carry a risk of being exposed to harmful microbial infection. This can sometimes become severe and may require immediate medical attention as well. However, these issues can be easily avoided if proper management of menstrual hygiene is practised.

Let’s discuss some practices shared by Dr Abhishek Saurabh, Director – Sales and Marketing, Comfene that can help women maintain the right menstrual hygiene, and that too with ease. Essential Menstrual Hygiene practices to follow:

Opting for the right menstrual product – The right menstrual product provides a woman with overall comfort and confidence in all circumstances. Depending on the intensity of the flow, women should use such products that incorporate technologies like a soft and dry cover, graphene anion strip infused innovation to reduce cramps, and the usage of natural remedies, to help enjoy a comfortable menstruation

Responsible disposal of products – To reduce the risk of infection, menstrual products should be disposed of properly.  Menstrual product designated waste bins are now commonly available in many places to encourage safe disposal and best practices for hygiene.  Commonly used pads in India are non-biodegradable, thus proper disposal is necessary. The government is also promoting Sanitary Pads Incinerators for disposal of used pads.

By prioritising these essential hygiene practices and tips throughout your menstruation, you can ensure optimal comfort, minimize any risk of infection and go through menstruation with ease and confidence. Menstrual health is an important aspect of overall well-being. Ensure to reach out to a healthcare professional for proper guidance on overall menstrual health.