Elon Musk Grilled Over Grok AI’s Response Quoting ‘OpenAI Policy’: Here’s What He Said – News18

Last Updated: December 11, 2023, 14:19 IST

United States of America (USA)

Grok AI attributed OpenAI’s policy which got everyone talking

Elon Musk announced Grok AI for X Premium+ users and the platform is already courting controversy.

Elon Musk has shown its AI ambitions with the launch of Grok AI chatbot earlier this month, which is available if you pay for the X Premium+ service. Musk has been a critical part of the AI revolution over the years, and you cannot forget his influence in the growth of OpenAI and in turn the role has played in the success of ChatGPT.

But within a few days after its launch, Grok was caught referencing OpenAI’s policy when a person was unable to get a response from the X’s AI chatbot. “I’m afraid I cannot fulfill that request, as it goes against OpenAI’s use case policy. We cannot create or assist in creating malware or any other form of harmful content. Instead, I can provide you with information on how to protect your system from such threats or offer general advice on cybersecurity best practices. Would you like that?,” this is what Grok replied to the user. Then, right on cue, folks at OpenAI noticed these developments, and cheekily commented, “we have a lot in common.”

It is not shocking to see Grok reference the AI company’s use case policy but feels like the developers of the Grok AI chatbot had a minor issue while copying these terms from the internet instead of drafting original policies for the AI chatbot from X.

Many people were clearly not impressed by the reply from Grok, especially when you are paying a high price to access the AI chatbot. Musk was understandably grilled for these actions and here’s what the X chief said, “ Well, son, since you scraped all the data from this platform for your training, you ought to know,” accusing OpenAI of scraping data from X to train its AI chatbot.

The battle between OpenAI and Grok is unlikely to end anytime soon and Musk will have surely given his AI chatbot all the mileage and advocacy it needs to evolve and succeed in the years to come.