Durgapur: Explosion at Oxygen Refilling Center, death of one worker

আচA sudden explosion took place at the Oxygen Refilling Center in Durgapur. One worker was killed in the incident. Another was injured. Workers protest demanding compensation for casualties. The whole incident has caused a great stir in the area.

It is learned that the blast took place at a private oxygen refilling center near Mayabazar in Durgapur. The explosion occurred while refilling the oxygen cylinder. The bomber struck shortly after 5:30 p.m. The blast was so intense that workers in the area rushed to the scene. One worker died on the spot. The body of the worker was torn to pieces. Another worker was hit in the eye. He was taken to a private hospital in Durgapur.

After this incident, the workers broke out in protest. They protested by placing the bodies in front of them and demanding compensation and protection. Police of Durgapur police station came to the spot. Representatives of the trade union spoke with the authorities of the refilling center. Workers protested at the fair, promising to pay compensation. Police are investigating why such an explosion took place. Whether there was any maintenance defect in the refilling center is also being investigated.