Drug: 5 crore worth of drugs seized before the New Year, was supposed to be delivered to Kolkata

New Year’s Eve A night of joy. Then the new year. Our people will be drunk with joy. And before that, drugs weighing 1 kg 16 grams were seized from a young man in Kolkata on the eve of New Year’s Eve. Officials of the Special Task Force seized the drug. Preliminary investigation revealed that the youth had come to the city to deliver drugs. But he was arrested after receiving information from secret sources. His name is Prashant Sarkar. Age 26 years. Home is Shantipur in Nadia. More than 1 kg of drugs were seized from him.

Meanwhile, the value of the drugs seized from the young man is around five crore rupees. The price of that heroin can rise up to 5 crore 8 lakh taka in the black market. A case has been registered against the youth under the NDPS Act. How was the young man caught?

According to sources, the STF had a tip-off that drugs might be exchanged in the city. Similarly, on Friday afternoon, STF was conducting surveillance in Sealdah Station Road area under Entali police station area. At that time the police arrested the young man named Prashant Sarkar. After that, the police searched him and seized the prohibited drug.

Meanwhile, to whom he came to supply drugs is being investigated. Basically, who else is connected with drug trafficking is also being investigated.

But this is not the first time, the police have arrested several drug smugglers from Kolkata before. A lot of drugs were also seized by the police. Many people have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking in West Bengal.

Last May, a drug smuggler was caught in the net of detectives in Nadia. Heroin weighing 2 kg 850 grams was seized from the accused. The market value of which is about three crore rupees. The CID arrested the man from Baranalda of Palashipara of Kaliganj police station in Nadia on charges of drug smuggling. The accused’s name is Zullur Rahman Sheikh.

According to police sources, heroin trafficking was going on in that area for several days. After receiving the information about the incident, the CID started the investigation. Finally, the detectives arrested the man in his fifties from the Palashipara bus stand area. CID Narcotics Division officials raided the bus stand in Bara Nalda area of ​​Palashipara and arrested the person first. He had a nylon bag in his hand. When the bag was opened, a lot of heroin came out. Heroin was kept in a very ordinary bag.