Doctor Cha Ending Explained: Uhm Jung-hwa Starrer Ends On a Mature Note, Will Season 2 Happen?

Doctor Cha ended on Sunday after 16 episodes.

Doctor Cha Ending Explained: Uhm Jung-hwa, Min Woo-hyuk, Kim Byung-chul and Myung Se-bin starrer comes to an end after 16 episodes.

Doctor Cha Finale Episode: Doctor Cha has come to end after eight weeks and it was an expected conclusion. The last episode, aired on Sunday night, tying all the subplots that the K-drama explored during its 16-episode run. Before we dive into how each character and Doctor Cha got their perfect ending, a mandatory warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Doctor Cha’s last episode began with Seo In-ho (Kim Byung-Chul) and Roy Kim (Min Wook-hyuk) asking Cha Jung-sook (Uhm Jung-hwa) to pick a liver donor between the two. Jung-sook chooses no one and opts to go through the treatment as per plans. However, the planned therapy fails and Jung-sook is forced to undergo surgery. Repenting for all that he had done, Seo In-ho steps forward and gives a part of his liver to save Jung-sook. Roy performs the surgeries and it is successful. In-ho also signs the divorce papers and accepts that his marriage with Jung-sook is over.

Does Cha Jung-sook end up with Roy Kim in Doctor Cha?

Roy expresses his attraction for Jung-sook. But as I had expected, she turns it down, suggesting that he should find someone who loves him as much as he would love them. He eventually does find someone and falls in love.

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Does Seo In-ho end up with Choi Seung-hi in Doctor Cha?

In-ho is named as the director of the hospital, the youngest doctor to be bestowed the honour, but he has no one to celebrate with. As he goes about with his life, his daughter with Choi Seung-hi (Myung Se-bin) — Choi Eun-seo (So A-rin) urges him to not give up on Seung-hi even though they’ve broken up. While the series doesn’t outrightly show, it seems like In-ho takes a step towards holding on to Seung-hi.

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What happens to Cha Jung-sook at the end of Doctor Cha?

With a leap of three years, Cha Jung-sook decides to forgo her job at the hospital and start a clinic cum healthy-eatry space in the building that her mother-in-law had bought under her name. Cha Jung-sook’s mother lives with her now, taking care of the organic garden. Cha Jung-sook also continues to do community service, visiting villages and offering her medical expertise. She is also on good terms with both, Seo In-ho and Roy Kim.

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Will Doctor Cha return for season 2?

Unfortunately, at the time of reporting, JTBC has not renewed Doctor Cha. So far, it seems that Doctor Cha will not be coming back with a season 2.