DNA Exclusive: What’s Behind The Alarming Surge In Amravati Farmer Suicides?

In a disturbing trend reported from Maharashtra’s Amravati district, 2024 has seen a sharp rise in farmer suicides, earning the region the grim title of “Suicide Capital.” According to recent statistics, 461 farmers in the Amravati division alone have tragically taken their lives within the span of just five months.

In today’s episode of DNA, Sourav Raj Jain analyses this severe agricultural crisis in the state of Maharashtra. 

Between January and May 2024, the highest number of suicides by farmers have been reported in Maharashtra’s Amravati. In just five months, the Amravati division has witnessed a staggering toll of farmer suicides, with 461 cases reported. The distressing trend is especially pronounced in Amravati district, where 146 farmers have tragically ended their lives. Additionally, Yavatmal district recorded 132 suicides, Buldhana 83, Akola 82, and Washim 21, highlighting a widespread crisis gripping Maharashtra’s agricultural communities. 

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Cotton and soybean cultivation is done in Amravati. The famous Nagpur oranges are also cultivated in parts of Amravati district. Since starting soybean cultivation, Amravati’s farmers have seen a significant decline in yield.