Diwali 2022: How To Stash And Store Your Bedsheets This Festive Season

It’s true what they say- If we take care of things, they last. And it also applies to everything that you own, including bedsheets. As we approach the festive season, we will soon start cleaning our rooms, kitchen and kitchenware, adding things to the living room to make it more festive, etc. And cleaning bed sheets well in advance so that they’re ready to use during the festive season is a smart choice to make.

But, will they remain fresh, fragrant, and soft if you wash them now and store them away? Well, if you do it right then your bed sheets will definitely be clean to use a couple of months later, during the festive season.

An industry expert, Rajiv Merchant, President Domestic Retail, Boutique Living says, “We all love to bring out our fanciest looks during the festivities, be it dressing up ourselves or our home. But to maintain that shine and show off our bed sheets, it’s extremely crucial to know how to store them so that they look brand new when you use them. Some hygiene habits to store your bedsheets can help you not just save your fabric but also your money in the long haul.” According to him, these are a few quick and easy steps to remember that can help you store your bed sheets better.

Invest Better:

When buying new bed sheets, make sure you invest in good fabric. Opt for 100 percent cotton sheets because they have a soft and luxurious feel. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, and thus it’ll stay fresh for longer.

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Know Your Detergent:

Make sure you use a liquid detergent that is safe from chemicals like parabens, sulphate, phthalates, etc. Wash your sheets weekly with a light detergent and in cold water. When using a washing machine, 2 washes should be sufficient to get your sheets clean and fresh. After washing it with detergent, use a mildly scented fabric softener that will keep the fabric from fraying, keep it soft and fragrant.

Dry Till You Succeed:

Whether or not the weather is sunny outside, you might have to run your sheets through the dryer once before drying them naturally. Make sure you evenly spread the bed sheet on your drying rack so that it’ll naturally air-dry your sheets and kill any microorganisms. Before storing them make sure they’re as dry as a bone.

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Iron It Out:

After sun drying your sheets, you can iron them to straighten any creases and to keep them crisp. This will also kill any remaining bacteria and make it easy to store. After ironing them, pack your sheets and put them away.

Storing Hack:

To keep your bed sheets clean and dust-free while also making a sustainable choice, you can fold and store them inside a pillow case instead of using a plastic cover.

Storing your sheets in a plastic bag may also trap moisture and result in smelly sheets. However, a pillow case as a cover or a fabric storage bag will allow airflow and let the fabric breathe, and give you pleasant-smelling sheets even after months.

To keep moths and bugs away and your sheets fresh, you can use lavender, cloves, or cedar chips instead. Unlike naphthalene balls or mothballs, these are natural alternatives and do not destroy the fabric.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and start preparing your bedsheets for the festive season and guests that may come uninvited! Happy holidays!