Discord again in Rajasthan Congress: Maken told Kharge – find a new in-charge; Jinping confronts Canadian PM in front of camera

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4 hours agoAuthor: Shubhendu Pratap Bhoomandal, News Brief Editor

Discord is once again visible in the Rajasthan Congress. Bharat Jodo Yatra will enter Rajasthan in the first week of December. Earlier, Ajay Maken has announced to leave the post of in-charge of Rajasthan Congress. Maken wrote a letter to party president Mallikarjun Kharge on 8 November, refusing to work as Rajasthan in-charge.

In the letter, he appealed to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge to find another in-charge. Also raised the issue of rebellion of MLAs of Gehlot faction on September 25 and no action taken on them. Maken has written that by-elections are being held on December 4. In such a situation, it is necessary to appoint a new in-charge of Rajasthan.

On the other hand, on the second and last day of the G-20 summit that ended on Wednesday in Bali, Indonesia, there was a debate between Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Media was also present during this incident. Jinping told Trudeau in a complaining tone that why the conversation with you gets leaked in the media?

To this Trudeau also replied with a smile but sternly that we do not believe in hiding anything and this is how it happens in Canada. During the debate, the body language of both the leaders and especially Jinping looked completely different. We will also narrate to you the entire conversation between the two heads of state.

Today’s major events, which will be watched

  1. The decision will come on the bail plea of ​​Delhi minister Satyendar Jain.
  2. ED’s questioning of Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren in mining case.
  3. Shraddha murder case accused Aftab produced in Delhi’s Saket court.

5 big news, which will keep you updated…

1. Chinese President said- Why do we leak mutual conversations, Trudeau’s answer- We do not hide anything

During the debate, Jinping was speaking in Mandarin (the language of China). An interpreter (interpreter or translator) was conveying his talk to Trudeau in English. Trudeau was leaving the hall after the summit was over. Then Xi Jinping came in front of him, both shook hands. Jinping said in a harsh and complaining tone – whatever we talk gets leaked in the media. This is wrong. This should not happen at all, you should behave seriously. On this complaint, Trudeau said – We believe in open and free dialogue and will do so in the future. We don’t hide anything. Jinping got angry again on this. Said- Then do such a thing that before the conversation, fix the conditions. After saying this, Jinping reluctantly shook hands with Trudeau and left.
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2. Doctor main witness in Shraddha murder case, in May Aftab’s severed hand was treated
Police have found traces of blood from the kitchen of Shraddha murder case accused and his live-in partner Aftab. The blood sample has been sent for examination. On the other hand, the doctor who treated Aftab’s severed hand in May has been made the prime witness by the police. When the police searched Aftab’s flat, they found a doctor’s prescription. According to sources, during interrogation, Aftab told the police that on May 18, the day of the murder, there was a fight between Shraddha and him over domestic expenses. An argument started between the two about who would pay for the daily expenses, only after that he killed Shraddha.
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3. Maken’s resignation, letter written for not taking action on the leaders responsible for the political ruckus

On September 25, Ajay Maken came to Jaipur as an observer along with the current president Kharge in the Legislature Party meeting. The MLAs of the Gehlot faction had boycotted the Legislature Party meeting. After this, Kharge and Maken went to Delhi and gave a report to Sonia Gandhi. On the basis of this report, notices were issued to ministers Shanti Dhariwal, Mahesh Joshi and RTDC chairman Dharmendra Rathod. All the three leaders also replied, but now the matter has been put in cold storage. The three leaders were held responsible for boycotting the Legislature Party meeting and calling it at Dhariwal’s house.
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4. Two Russian missiles fell on Poland; But Biden, NATO Chief and Poland President gave clean chit to Russia
Two Russian missiles fell in Poland on Tuesday amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Earlier it was believed to be Russia’s attack on Poland, but later Joe Biden and NATO Chief, including the President of Poland, gave a clean chit to Russia. Russia was refusing to fire missiles at Poland from the beginning. Till now, Biden, who has been warning Russia, said – Primary investigation has revealed that these missiles fell in Poland after retaliation by Ukrainian soldiers. NATO chief says there is no evidence Russia did the bombings in Poland. The President of Poland said – 2 people were killed in the missile attack. It was an unfortunate accident, not a deliberate attack.
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5. Withdrawal of AAP candidate in Gujarat elections, party alleges – Nomination was returned at gunpoint

Kanchan Jariwala, the Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Gujarat’s Surat-East, withdrew his nomination on Wednesday. AAP’s CM candidate Isudan Gadhvi alleged that BJP goons had abducted Jariwala along with his family. Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia also lodged a complaint with the Election Commission regarding this matter. Alleged that BJP threatened to kill Jariwala and his family to withdraw his name. On the other hand, Kanchan Jariwala defied the claims of the Aam Aadmi Party. He said that due to the internal factionalism of AAP, I have decided to withdraw from the election. Nomination was not withdrawn under any pressure and neither I nor my family was abducted for this.
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Some important news in the headline…

  1. 10 years jail for forced conversion in Uttarakhand: Love-Jihad is also banned in the state; Decision taken in cabinet meeting (Read full news)
  2. Ku became the world’s second largest microblogging site: its number of users crossed 50 million, available in 10 languages (Read full news)
  3. Shock to Trump who claimed the presidency in 2024: daughter Ivanka said – not a campaign for the father (Read full news)
  4. NASA’s Moon Mission Launch: Will orbit the Moon; Will return to Earth after 25 days, sent picture of Earth (Read full news)
  5. Former Governor Satyapal Malik attacked the Center: Said – did not fulfill the promises made to the farmers, the movement is needed again (Read full news)

News but something different…
When the elephant ran, the bus ran by reversing 8 km, the driver saved the lives of more than 40 passengers

An elephant in Kerala’s Thrissur became a nuisance for around 40 people. A wild elephant came in front of a passenger bus in Thrissur and started moving towards the bus in anger. In such a situation, the driver ran the bus in reverse gear for 8 km to save the lives of the passengers. Due to the narrow path of the forest, taking the bus in reverse for 8 kilometers was no less than a stunt. Passengers say that the elephant followed the bus for about an hour, after which it went into the forests of Anakkayam. Read full news…

Most read news…

Photo which is news in itself…

This picture is of the second and last day of the two-day G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Host Indonesian President Joko Widodo for next year The presidency was handed over to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After getting the Presidency, Modi said- The world is looking towards India at this time, it has expectations from us. During the next one year, we would like the G-20 to work together. In Bali, Modi met US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and British PM Rishi Sunak.

what happened on this day in history
On this day in 1928, freedom fighter Lal Lajpat Rai passed away. In the early 1900s, the troubling British trio was Lal-Bal-Pal. That is, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Vipin Chandra Pal. Lala Lajpat Rai, who founded Punjab National Bank and Lakshmi Insurance Company, was counted among the leaders of the Garam Dal. In protest against the Simon Commission in 1928, the British government attacked him with sticks. During this he was badly injured and died a few days later. At the time when he was injured by sticks, he had said – every stick lying on my body will work as a nail in the coffin of the British Government.

This picture is from the time of Rita Faria winning the Miss World title.

This picture is from the time of Rita Faria winning the Miss World title.

17 November 1966. same day India’s Rita Faria Powell won the Miss World title. She was the first woman in India and Asia to achieve this feat. She was the first Miss World who was a doctor by profession.

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