Director Rahul Ramachandran Lambasts Troll Criticising Paappan Even Before Release

Suresh Gopi-starrer Paappan has hit the theatres and garnered a lot of applause for its gripping storyline. The film is being lauded for its performances, cinematography and other aspects. However, a screenshot of a social media user calling Paappan a bad film even before it was released has been shared by director Rahul Ramachandran.

Rahul criticised the user and said that Paappan was not even released yet. The Jeem Boom Bhaa director asked the user to have some shame before indulging in these acts.

A user wrote in the comment section that these people will not get peace without passing negative judgment about people. Other users asked Rahul to avoid these people as it was a regular thing for them to stoop to such lows.

Despite this illogical criticism, Paappan is receiving a lot of praise from critics and the audience. According to critics, despite the three-hour length, Paappaan has a lot of twists to keep the audience engaged. Neeta Pillai and Suresh are quite impressive in their performances, according to critics. Only music composed by Jakes Bejoy has been cited as a weak point

Paappan narrates the story of Abraham Mathew Mathan, an officer who has taken voluntary retirement. ASP Vincy Abraham is his daughter who doesn’t get along with him due to some unfortunate past event. They have to eventually work together to solve a murder case where all targets are men.

Apart from Neeta and Suresh, Gokul Suresh, Kaniha, Nandu and others are also there in Paappan. Joshi directed this film. It is written by RJ Shaan. Suresh Gopi and Joshi have collaborated on films Lelam, Pathram, Vazhunoor and Salaam Kashmir. Lelam, Pathram, Vazhunoor were box office hits. Salaam Kashmir failed to entertain the audience.

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