Digital Milling Policy in Punjab: Monitoring of mills through GPS on trucks, electricity meters; Paddy purchase from October 1, cabinet stamped

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  • Punjab Digital Milling Policy For Paddy Procurement; Trucks Monitoring By GPS In State

Chandigarh15 minutes ago

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Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann.

In Punjab, the milling policy will be completely digital after the purchase of paddy to take it to the sheller and mill. This was approved in the cabinet meeting in Chandigarh on Thursday. The milling process will be monitored by GPS and power meters on the trucks. Paddy procurement will start from October 1. Giving information about this, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann said that bringing paddy from outside will not be allowed to be sold here.

Know how the policy will work

  • GPS will be installed on the truck carrying the sacks of paddy from the mandi. There will be a photo of the truck while leaving the Mandi gate. The timing of photo and GPS should match. Only after that he will get entry in Sheller. This will eliminate the crop coming from other states.
  • The small miller’s power meter is digitally connected with the PSPCL. We have an idea of ​​how much electricity will be consumed for milling one ton. With this, the power consumption will be known according to its capacity. If the consumption is more, then it will be checked that he did not buy more paddy than the capacity.

Equal opportunity for small and big miller
CM Bhagwant Mann said that the miller with 2 to 4 tonnes has been given more benefits. Sometimes elders buy more but we will give equal opportunity to all. For gunny bags, we will make an agreement with the transporters first. Earlier this work was done at the beginning of the procurement of crops.

Chaff mafia ends from mandis, tender will not be done
CM Bhagwant Mann said that a new thatch mafia was born in the mandis. After the sale of paddy in the mandis, now the people around will also be able to buy the remaining goods. He can buy its grains and use it for livelihood. They just have to clean up. No tender will be given for this.

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