Did MGR Use Idhayakkani to Promote AIADMK? Here’s What We Know

Late actor Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran-starrer Idhayakkani was released in 1975 and it emerged as a big hit at the time. Critics say that Idhayakkani was used as a means of political agenda by MGR. It is evident in the song Neenga Nalla Irukonum wherein MGR is being felicitated grandly by the public. In this song audience could see the earlier flag of AIADMK, the political party floated by MGR, being unfurled in the background. In one of the moments from this song, this flag is being focused very closely.

On this flag we can see image of late Arignar CN Annadurai. Annadurai was the founder of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party. He was considered a Guru by MGR. This Way, the Neenga Nalla song promoted AIADMK.

Leaves in the pairs of two are also there at various places. These leaves then formed the symbol of AIADMK’s current flag.

Apart from this song, there are other moments in the film where MGR left no stone unturned to promote his party and pay respects to Annadurai. At the start of Idhayakkani, there are shots of Annadurai explaining why MGR is called ‘Ithayakkani’ (Fruit of the Heart) of Annadurai.

Idhayakkani narrated the story of Mohan, who aspires to serve his country and joins the police force. He was then assigned to solve the murder of an atomic scientist. In the meantime, he meets Lakshmi, an impoverished girl who shelters him. He later decides to marry her. His happiness is, however, not destined to live for long.

Mohan soon discovers that his wife is the primary suspect in that atomic scientist’s murder. To his respite, he also finds out that Lakshmi has been framed by real conspirators. The rest of the film revolves around Mohan trying to nab the real culprits.

Idhayakkani was a hit and ran for a total of 150 days at the box office. Apart from MGR, Radha Saluja, Thengai Srinivasan, Pandari Bai and other actors were part of Idhayakkani. A. Jagannathan directed this film.

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