Delhi Goes Greener: 500 Low-Floor Electric Buses To Join The Fleet Today

New Delhi: In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, Delhi is set to witness the largest single induction of electric buses in its history. Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will inaugurate 500 new electric low-floor buses under the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) on December 14, marking a major leap in the city’s eco-friendly transit initiatives.

A Historic Induction

Officials have announced that this induction is unprecedented in recent times, showcasing the city’s commitment to expanding its green fleet. The event, led by the LG and the Chief Minister, is expected to draw significant attention as it represents a substantial increase in the number of electric buses serving the capital.

Delhi Leads The Charge

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “With the addition of 500 electric buses today, Delhi’s electric bus count will soar to 1,300, the highest in any Indian city.” This impressive figure surpasses the electric bus fleets of other cities across the country, positioning Delhi as a leader in sustainable urban transport.

Impressive Environmental Impact

Since January 2022, the existing fleet of 800 electric buses has already made a notable environmental impact. Covering over 42 million kilometres, these buses have significantly reduced carbon emissions, cutting more than 34,000 tonnes of CO2. The expansion of the fleet is expected to further enhance these environmental benefits.

A Vision For 2025

Looking ahead, officials have outlined an ambitious plan for the city’s public transport. By 2025, Delhi aims to operate a total of 10,480 buses, with electric vehicles comprising 80% of the fleet. This transition is projected to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 4.67 lakh tonnes annually, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment for residents.

Modern And Accessible

The new electric buses are not only environmentally friendly but also boast modern amenities. They are designed to be disabled-friendly, air-conditioned, and equipped with GPS, CCTVs, and panic buttons for enhanced safety. Additionally, they produce zero smoke and noise pollution, offering a comfortable and quiet ride for commuters.

Phasing Out The Old

As part of the city’s push for sustainable transport, the older low-floor buses will gradually be retired. “By 2025, the old buses will be almost entirely phased out,” said an official, emphasizing the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation.

Delhi’s initiative is a commendable step in the fight against climate change, demonstrating the city’s dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for its citizens.