Dear Zindagi Director Gauri Shinde Calls Alia Bhatt ‘Supremely Talented’, Says She Doesn’t Take It for Granted

Last Updated: October 21, 2022, 12:32 PM IST

Gauri Shinde talks about Alia Bhatt and praises her

In a recent interview, Gauri Shinde shared why she chose Alia Bhatt to star in Dear Zindagi.

As Alia Bhatt recently completed 10 years in the film industry, Dear Zindagi director Gauri Shinde talked about the actress’ journey and her development as an actor. In a conversation with ETimes, Gauri shared why she chose Alia Bhatt to star in Dear Zindagi. Gauri said that she saw some scenes from Alia’s film Highway and felt she was fantastic and had potential in her. “There was something about her screen presence that drew me in,” the filmmaker said adding that this is when she wanted to collaborate with her.

“I was looking for an actor to cast in Dear Zindagi. I thought that Alia might be too young for that part. But then with certain actors none of that matters. It’s about how they can adapt themselves to the role. I narrated the film to her. She was very excited after just the one-liner. She wanted to do it from the first day,” Gauri told the news portal.

Further, when asked about her experience working with Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri said all the three stars she had worked with–Sridevi, Alia Bhatt, and Shah Rukh Khan were supremely talented and wonderful people. Gauri said SRK is a generous actor, and there was give and take between him and Alia which worked well for their chemistry in the film. Alia would learn his lines and remind him if anything went wrong.


“All three stars that I have worked with – Sridevi, Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan, are supremely talented as well as such good people. I think Alia was only three films old at the time when we signed her for Dear Zindagi. She has such an innate ability or God-given gift, but she has not taken it for granted. She is honing her craft with every role that she takes on and pushing herself more and more,” she told the publication.

Moving on, Gauri spoke about the famous scene in Dear Zindagi where Alia falls from her bicycle. Talking about it, she revealed that SRK had suggested a different approach to filming the scene and it turned out to be a beautiful scene.

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