‘Darling’ in 2012 and ‘Sexual Harassment-Criminal’ words removed in 2022: Priyanka Chaturvedi said on the ban of unparliamentary words – the voice of the opposition is being erased like the British

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New Delhi2 minutes agoAuthor: Sunakshi Gupta

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Monsoon session is to begin in Parliament from July 18. Just before this, a list of unparliamentary words has been issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat. The words included in this list are sexual harassment, criminal, covid spreader, corrupt, insult, false, arrogant, poor, criminal, deceived, embarrassed etc. Earlier, the Congress government had also released a 900-page list of unparliamentary words and sentences. In which many words related to common women and women parliamentarians were included.

‘Darling’ removed in 2012, this time ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘criminal’ disappeared
In the year 2012 also, keeping in mind the women, some words were declared unparliamentary by the Parliament. In which the word ‘darling’ was also included, as it was earlier used by an MP for another woman MP. Similarly, it was also decided that if a woman is the Speaker of the Parliament, then no male MP can call her ‘beloved Chairperson’. No separate word has been included for women MPs in the year 2022. However, the term sexual harassment directly related to women has been described as unparliamentary. Similarly, the word ‘criminal’ has been described as unparliamentary.

ruckus on social media
Since the release of the new non-parliamentary list, it is becoming viral on social media. Many opposition leaders are calling it a tool to suppress the voice of the common man, while many leaders on Twitter have opposed it. Meanwhile, the team of Bhaskar Woman talked to Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi from Shiv Sena to know why there is so much ruckus on the list of unparliamentary words being made for many years.

Question 1 – Why today there is so much controversy over the use of unparliamentary language in Parliament, in the year 2012, the Manmohan Singh government also released the list?
Did former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh call nautanki, drama unparliamentary in 2012? Did he term Hypocrisy, Incompetent, ashamed as unparliamentary. These new words are coming which are being called unparliamentary today. These are the same words that we use colloquially amongst ourselves. For example, let me say stop this gimmick. Even if I say this in my family, has it become unparliamentary?

All these things which are happening today are only working to strangle the opposition and suppress the voice of the people. If today we have to raise the voice of the people in Parliament and say that all the promises you had made to the public proved to be ‘false’. Now when Priyanka Chaturvedi’s record will be recorded in the history of Parliament, it will be written that ‘all the promises made to the public have been proved… She is doing the work of strangling them.

Priyanka Chaturvedi said - Print, radio, all media were banned in Emergency, today the same thing is happening again.

Priyanka Chaturvedi said – Print, radio, all media were banned in Emergency, today the same thing is happening again.

British used to suppress the voice of freedom fighters with black ink, today the same thing is happening
Used to read in history books how our freedom fighters fought for freedom. When he was in jail and used to write letters for his family, those letters also went to his family after checking with the British. As soon as something was found against the British government in those letters, those words would be removed from the letter or they would be painted with black ink. Today again the opposition is being banned in the same manner, so that such words are not left in the records of Parliament which are against the government.

Question 2 – Which word do you think should not be included in the new list?
If I say that this government is beating up, then what went wrong in it. To beat drum means to rob your applause by playing drums, but it has also been told wrong. If we say that you have ‘betrayed’ the trust of the voters, then the government has also banned the word ‘deception’.
If I say that it is a criminal act, then the word ‘criminal’ was also banned. If we say that this is an act of ‘cowardice’ then this word is also banned now. Then I should say that in what way are these good days, these are black days, so ‘black days’ have also been banned.

The people of the government all over the world call people agitators, but if someone calls them ‘jumlajeevi’, then there is a problem. The entire government has been formed by referring to Jaichand and today the word ‘Jaichand’ has been told as unparliamentary. This means that whatever words are applicable to the central government, an attempt has been made to ban them.

Staying in a democracy, the government should decide which words are parliamentary and which words are not, it will be wrong.  - Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka

Staying in a democracy, the government should decide which words are parliamentary and which words are not, it will be wrong. – Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka

Question 3 – If an MP uses these words even after refusing, then what action will be taken?
The only action in this is that these words are removed from the records of Parliament. For example, today I would like to see what Jawaharlal Nehru ji had said in his parliamentary career, or if I want to see any of his speeches, then a star mark will be made in some words in them. What is called an asterisk would mean that these words have now been removed from Parliament’s records. So you can say that the government is saying this today, if your speech is not according to the prescribed language, then it will not be recorded in the records of the Parliament.

This will be shameful for the history of India, because if any person wants to write a book in a democratic country 25 years from today or read what the opposition did in 2022, then there will be a star mark in front of all the words of the opposition. That’s why I have also written in my tweet that ‘What to do and what to say if we do ‘Wah Modi ji Wah’ then we will not be suspended. We just kept praising him and did not use any words against the government. These are very unfortunate.

Question 4 – Can other words be used in place of the unparliamentary words given in the new list?
If I tell my child today that son stop lying, am I abusing my son? So why should we use another word instead of ‘lie’ when ‘lie’ is not a word that is unparliamentary. All I mean to say is that the common words and sentences that we use in colloquial language cannot be stopped by the opposition from using them as an excuse. If I say to my family or any partner that you are ‘disabled’ then this word will not become wrong.

What are unparliamentary words?
Houses around the world adopt certain rules and standards during debates. Such words or phrases which are considered inappropriate to be used in the House are called unparliamentary. When the speaker considers that the modesty of Parliament is being destroyed by a particular word, then it is considered as unparliamentary language. Speaker can ask the MP to withdraw it if such words are used.
The Lok Sabha Secretariat has released a list of some words and phrases for both the houses of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Their use in Parliament will be considered wrong and unparliamentary.

Which words were included in the list of which year?
2022 – Narendra Modi government
ruffian, child wit, covid spreader, snoopgate, shamed, bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty, deceitful, embarrassed, abused, smack, smug, childish, corrupt, cowardly, crocodile tear, disgrace, ass, hooliganism, hypocrisy, incompetent, lie, untruth, traitor , chameleon, hooligans, falsehood, arrogance, black day, pimp, ruffian, double character, horse-trading, poor, lollipop, treacherous, senseless, foolish, sexual harrassment, chilling, coal thief, drummer, anarchist, shakuni, dictatorial, , Jaichand, man of destruction, Khalistani, Bobcat, farming with blood, useless, gimmicky, criminal, farming with blood, black marketing, riot, bobcat, deaf government, inverted thief, scolds the Kotwal, swindles, thugs, arrogance, Gulcharra, Gulcharra, Government of goons, thieves-thieves cousins, quartets, trees, licking the soles.

2012 – Manmohan Sarkar
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Bad Man, Bullying, Blackmail, Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Hoax, Bandicoot, Bribery, Bucket Bucket, Communist, Confused Mind, Dacoit, Darling, Double Minded, Double Talk, Cheating, Dalit, punk, lazy, liar, screamer, shoddy, racketeer, fanatical extremist, rat, ringmaster, thief, thumbprint, crook

Both the governments called these words unparliamentary
Whether it was the government of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the Congress in the year 2012 or after 10 years today it is the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There were some words in both the governments, which both the governments have called unparliamentary.

Mahua protested, said – take Mr. Gogoi’s name instead of sexual harassment?
Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra tweeted, ‘You mean I can’t stand in Lok Sabha and talk about how an incompetent government has betrayed Indians, who should be ashamed of their hypocrisy?’

Mahua has started a series of replacing unparliamentary words on Twitter. In which the word sexual harrassment is referred to as Mr. There is talk of changing from Gogoi. In fact, in April 2019, former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi was accused of sexual harassment.

The leaders of these opposition also opposed the list of unparliamentary words.

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