Dadam Pahad – The more you dig the truth, the more black you will get: The game of mining is visible in the opposition, the finger rotates as soon as it comes to power, the truth is still far away

Bhiwani12 minutes ago

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Rescue work going on after the mountain collapse in Bhiwani’s Daum.

The hill which slipped in Dadam of Bhiwani, Haryana on Saturday not only killed the laborers but also exposed the black game of mining going on here. Many arguments are being given about why the mountain fell, but the truth is also that the more you dig the truth of the mountain, the more black you will get.

If the accident happened in the BJP government, then the Congress leaders have become attackers on the government. Earlier, in the rule of Congress or other parties, the opposition has always been accusing about illegal mining. Now former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda has told where there is a loss of 4 to 5 thousand crores in mining.

On the other hand, former minister Kiran Chaudhary released several videos one after the other, claiming that she was already warning, the government itself is running away from the discussion. It is also true that in the Congress government, INLD and BJP used to wave the list of illegal mining like a white paper.

Big stones fell due to the cracking of mountains in Dadam.

Big stones fell due to the cracking of mountains in Dadam.

It is happening in all the party governments that after the change of power, the list of illegal mining is kept in the box. But mining continued unabated, is and will continue. The Mining Minister is talking about relief first and then investigation. Everyone knows that the matter will have come up in a few days.

It is going to be about 12 hours after the Dadam Pahar accident, the biggest question that stands right now is how many laborers were working on the Dadam Pahar. How many have died and how many are still buried under the stones. Neither the contractor nor the administration is providing correct data regarding this. According to the people of adjacent village Baganwala, the government is trying to hide the truth.

Two villagers, Kuldeep and Kala of Baganwala village, openly told reporters that they have been present at the spot since morning. By the time the administrative officials reached here, some bodies had been buried. At least 5 people were dumped and taken away. Since then 4 more people have been evacuated. The administration is deliberately trying to make this accident appear small.

The ongoing work of evacuating the laborers buried under the mountain.

The ongoing work of evacuating the laborers buried under the mountain.

If we go behind the reasons behind the big accident on New Year in Dadam mining area of ​​Bhiwani district, one thing is clear that such a big accident has been invited by not following the prescribed norms. Mining companies mined 300 to 500 feet deep, bringing the mountain to an unbalanced state. Due to this the mountain fell down heavily.

About 50 days later, on the night of December 30, it was given on the mountain of Dadam. Mining work started from the morning of 31 December. Electricity connections cut for mining operations were added back. The incident happened within 24 hours of the commencement of mining operations. It is being told that during the last 40 years the mining work in this area was done so deep that the leased mines were dug up to a depth of 300 to 500 feet.

Regardless of the government of any party in the state, all have supported the irregularities of this mining operation almost blindly. About six years ago, the Supreme Court had also canceled the mountain lease of this area. One of the other reasons for the mountain slipping is also believed to be that due to the mining done in the mountain to the depth, the upper part of the mountain became unbalanced due to heavy. A large part of the mountain crumbled and fell, due to which such a big incident happened.

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