Covid, dengue cases may rise in Telangana: Experts

Published: Published Date – 12:43 AM, Tue – 12 July 22

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Hyderabad: Prevailing inclement weather conditions have become ideal for proliferation of Covid infections and seasonal ailments, especially dengue, senior health officials here cautioned. Due to incessant rains and wet weather conditions, health officials and experts are anticipating a rise in Covid infections and dengue in the coming weeks.

“Given the prolonged wet and overcast conditions, we should not be surprised to see a rise in seasonal ailments, especially dengue and malaria, apart from Covid positive infections. People must realise that precautions will go a long way in avoiding unnecessary health complications,” Superintendent, Fever Hospital, Dr K Shankar, said.

Experts pointed out that Covid -19 infections were already getting reported in significant numbers in Hyderabad but majority of the patients do not need hospitalization. “People who test positive for Covid must isolate themselves so that the virus is not spread to vulnerable population. At the same time, there could be rise in malaria and dengue cases because of non-stop rains. There is a need for households to start implementing dry-day at least once a week for the next few months,” Dr Shankar pointed out.

A few days ago, the Director of Public Health (DPH), Telangana, Dr G Srinivasa Rao had issued an alert, urging people of Hyderabad to be on alert against vector-borne diseases including malaria, chikungunya and dengue. Already, Fever Hospital, which is the nodal healthcare facility to receive seasonal ailments in Telangana, has started receiving cases of dengue, malaria and individuals testing positive for Covid-19.

“Almost all the patients who test positive for dengue, malaria and even Covid-19 are recovering without any complications. However, when compared to other ailments, Covid is definitely different and that’s why there is a need to take precautions,” Dr Shankar added.

The similarity of symptoms of common cold and Covid-19 could make people hesitant to get tested for Covid, doctors said. “In case of any influenza-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, running nose, difficulty in breathing, body pains and headache, individuals must get tested for Covid,” the DPH said.