‘Corrupt Asking Why Agencies Are Acting Against Them’: PM Modi Explains Oppn’s Resistance to Fight Against Black Money – News18

Last Updated: March 20, 2024, 23:05 IST

PM Narendra Modi at the Rising Bharat Summit in New Delhi.

The prime minister said earlier, the nation would ask why investigating agencies like ED and CBI don’t act against the powerful but now, the powerful are questioning the crackdown against them

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday tore into the Opposition for questioning the action taken against them by investigating agencies, saying the crackdown was proof that “Neeyat Sahi Toh Kaam Sahi”.

Speaking at the CNN-News18 Rising Bharat Summit, the prime minister said: “There is another factor that has changed post 2014 and that is related to the reputation of the country. When the credibility of a nation is falling, the self-respect of its citizens isn’t high either. Before 2014, every house would discuss corruption but the government of that time, on the basis of false arguments, would defend its scams.

“Today, the scenario is completely different. Today, the government is taking stringent action against corruption and giving proof of the action taken. The corrupt are now on the defensive. Earlier, the nation would ask why investigating agencies like ED and CBI don’t act against the powerful. Now, the powerful and corrupt are asking why the agencies are acting against them. This difference has come in the past 10 years. This is proof that Neeyat Sahi Toh Kaam Sahi.”

The prime minister added: “It is easier to catch hold of the corrupt now. It is becoming more difficult to hide the money and cash trail. This is why wads of cash are being recovered from the houses, beds, and walls of public servants. Sometimes, crores of rupees are recovered from the house of a Congress leader, while other times it could be a TMC politician. That’s why, the opposition is agitated. All this happens because Neeyat Sahi Toh Kaam Sahi.”

Talking about how the country had transformed post 2014, PM Modi said: “That factor was Neeyat (intention). And which Neeyat? The Neeyat of Nation First. My country does not lack resources that it should be considered a poor nation. We are the youngest country in the world. There is no reason India should stay behind any country. We just need to proceed with the intention of Nation First.”

He added: “This country, which gives us so much, do we just live here or do we do something different for it? This difference takes the country forward. The day you attach your work to the nation’s goals, whatever be your profession, remember that the seed of Nation First would have germinated in you. This seed is the Aadhaar [foundation] of rising Bharat in the system, government and every corner of the country. Sirf apne liye jeeye toh kya jeeye? Jeena hai toh desh ke liye, marna hai toh desh ke liye…”