Corporation accepted mistake on Morbi bridge accident: said in affidavit – bridge should not have been opened without fitness certificate

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  • Said In The Affidavit ‘The Bridge Should Not Have Been Opened Without The Fitness Certificate’

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The Morbi Municipal Corporation has accepted its mistake in the Morbi bridge accident case of Gujarat. In an affidavit filed in the High Court, the Morbi Municipal Corporation has said that the bridge should not have been opened without the fitness certificate. Let us tell you that 138 people had died in the accident on October 30. There were more than 50 children among them.

Court ordered to file reply
Let me tell you, in the case of Morbi bridge collapse, the court itself has started taking action. The court had issued a notice to the Morbi Municipal Corporation on November 7 seeking its response by November 14, but the corporation failed to respond. The court had given one more day’s time on November 15, but the corporation failed to file its reply. The corporation presented the affidavit in the hearing held on 16 November.

The court had asked 8 questions to the civic body

How was the contract for renovation given without calling tender? Who was responsible for certifying the fitness of the bridge? What steps were taken to end the contract in 2017 and issue tender for the next tenure? The MoU was not renewed after 2008, so on what basis was the bridge being allowed to be operated by Ajanta? Was Section 65 of the Gujarat Municipal Act followed on those responsible for the accident? Why did the Gujarat Municipality not exercise its powers under Section 263 of the Act when the prima facie fault was that of the Municipality. What steps have been taken till now after the bridge accident? Can the government give a compassionate job to those whose family’s only earning member died in an accident?

The contract is only one and a half page, how was the contract given without tender?
During the hearing on Tuesday, Chief Justice Arvind Kumar asked that the contract between the Morbi civil body and the private contractor was only 1.5 pages long. No tender was given for the renovation of the bridge. Then why was the contract given without tender? The court has ordered the state government to submit all the files from the first day of the contract till date in sealed envelopes. It has also asked what action has been taken by Gujarat Municipality against SV Zala, CEO of Morbi Municipal Committee.

The issue was raised by the High Court itself.
Last week, the matter was taken up by the Gujarat High Court itself, following which the bench directed the state government, Gujarat Chief Secretary, Morbi Municipal Corporation, Urban Development Department (UDD), Gujarat Home Ministry and State Human Rights Commission to be impleaded as parties. Had given and sought reports from them.

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2 crores were received for the repair of Morbi Bridge

Oreva got Rs 2 crore for repairing the bridge. The company had spent only 6% of it i.e. Rs 12 lakh. The bridge was opened to the public after 6 months of repair. The account of repair of the bridge has been found from the documents seized from the sub-contractor Devprakash Solutions firm. Read full news…

Criminals saved: Only clerk, guard-laborer arrested

There was also a game of saving those responsible for this incident amidst the frightening figures of death. The nine people arrested by the police in this case include two managers of Oreva, two labourers, three security guards and two ticket clerks. In the FIR of the police, there is no mention of the Oreva company, which earns money by operating the bridge, nor of Devprakash Solution, which does the renovation work. Read full news…

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