Cop Connect Café: Zscaler And ISAC Foundation Unveil New Cybersecurity Unit In Bengalurus DSATM

In a bid to tackle the rising cybercrime issues in India, Zscaler, a leading cybersecurity firm, and ISAC Foundation, a non-profit organisation in cybersecurity, have launched the ‘Cop Connect Café’ at Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology & Management (DSATM) in Bengaluru. This venture, part of Zscaler’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, is aimed at promoting cyber hygiene and security within communities around the world.

The recent inauguration of the new café in Bangalore will offer the community a secure environment to receive expert help and advice on cyber fraud issues. The café integrates a team of cyber psychologists, technical specialists, and legal consultants to provide comprehensive, personalized support to those affected by cybercrimes.

Speaking at the event, Karnataka High Court Judge H.P. Sandesh highlighted the café’s role in providing immediate help to cybercrime victims and emphasized the importance of using technology to prevent cybercrimes. 

In partnership with ISAC, the café aims to develop a strong cybersecurity network in the region by empowering individuals with the knowledge, training, and assistance required to counteract online threats. Additionally, the café will organize general cybersecurity awareness sessions and establish women safety clubs to enhance cyber hygiene within colleges.

Vishal Gautam, Vice President of Engineering and Site Managing Director at Zscaler, underscored the significance of cybersecurity awareness and hygiene in India, likening it to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan cleanliness initiative. He stressed the necessity of collaboration between the public and private sectors to address the escalating cyber-attack threats.

Rajshekhar P, Founder Director of ISAC, pointed out that while cybersecurity awareness and cybercrime first aid are fundamental to Cop Connect Café, tools like the Hacked Or Not Kiosk (HONK) play a crucial role in safeguarding individuals and their internet-connected devices.

ISAC Foundation works with CERT-IN, AICTE, and the Ministry of Education to bolster India’s cybersecurity landscape. Zscaler is actively investing in setting up Cop Connect Cafés in educational institutions nationwide. These cafés offer a specialized space for the public and students to obtain expert assistance and support in dealing with cyber fraud incidents.