Controversy over AAP’s Victory March expenditure: Even the government was not formed and 15 lakhs was spent from the exchequer; Stay and eat at Five Store Hotel

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After the victory on 10 March, the Victory March was taken out on 13 March. Bhagwant Mann took oath as CM on 16 March.

In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been engulfed in the misuse of the state exchequer. After the election victory on March 10, AAP took out a victory march in Amritsar. In which Arvind Kejriwal along with Bhagwant Mann also joined. 15 lakh was spent from the government treasury.

Till then Bhagwant Mann had not even taken oath as CM. After its disclosure from the RTI Act, opponents have surrounded Mann Sarkar. Opposition party leader Pratap Singh Bajwa asked Arvind Kejriwal when will he return this money. There you are silent on this issue.

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Manik Goel, a resident of Mansa, said that the CM took oath on March 16. On March 13, the Victory March was arranged at government expense. In this, 1.52 lakhs on accommodation and food in five star hotels, 4.83 lakhs for decorating the streets with flowers, 75 thousand at the reception gate, 5.56 lakhs on tents and chairs, 54,500 on drummers, 1.68 lakh on bouquets, 18 on phulkaris. Thousands, Rs 34 thousand on gold plated swords, 45 thousand on flakes and 17 thousand 500 on photographers etc. were spent. Goyal claimed that buses were also sent at government expense to take AAP supporters.

Leader of Opposition Partap Singh Bajwa representing Congress in Punjab Assembly.

Leader of Opposition Partap Singh Bajwa representing Congress in Punjab Assembly.

Bajwa’s taunt – and he calls himself a staunch honest
Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly Partap Singh Bajwa said that even the government was not formed and a victory march was taken out. Stayed at Five Store Hotel. The food went from there. Gold plated kirpan was given. The expenditure of more than 2 thousand buses was also done from the government treasury. Despite this, he calls himself a staunch honest. Arvind Kejriwal talks about honesty. Your party has wrongly spent money from the treasury of Punjab. When will you return this money?

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