Congress tussle: Maken again unbottles the Gehlot-Pilot genie

3 hours ago

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Congress party is great. One or the other member, leader, digs pits in the path of the party. Congress leader Ajay Maken has given up his responsibility of Rajasthan in-charge. Have written a letter to the new chairman asking him to find another in-charge.

This is the first major problem faced by Mallikarjun Kharge after taking over as the party president. In fact, when Kharge and Maken went to Rajasthan last month to settle the tussle between Pilot and Gehlot, instead of attending the meeting called by these observers, pro-Gehlot MLAs held a parallel meeting at Minister Shanti Dhariwal’s house and made some statements.

Later, when the dispute escalated and Maken was adamant on action, notices were given for action against three leaders including Dhariwal. Notices were also given but within a few days the matter was over and the leaders, workers, even the people had almost forgotten this incident or controversy. The party was getting back on track.

Like in the previous elections, Gehlot was also running for Gujarat to fulfill his responsibility. Rahul Gandhi himself is also about to enter Rajasthan with his Bharat Jodo Yatra with enthusiasm. At such a critical time, Maken Sahab got angry. He resigned from the post in-charge due to lack of action against the three leaders of Rajasthan.

Although he had written this letter to the Speaker on November 8 itself, the disclosure has now come to light. Now the question arises that what will happen? Gehlot will not be able to maintain the interest in Gujarat that was needed. Secondly, the camp of Gehlot and Pilot faction will increase further. The rhetoric has already started. The same controversy may overshadow Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Rajasthan. The BJP is expert in capitalizing on such issues. His statements will also start. Overall, a dispute slowly coming back on track will again gain momentum and the morale of the workers is set to go towards negativity again.

Some pro-pilot leaders have already started making statements. It remains to be seen how Gehlot camp will take this step of Maken. … And the biggest thing is how the new president Kharge handles it. The matter is complicated because apart from Maken, Kharge himself has also been a witness to the dispute regarding which all this is happening. It will therefore be difficult for Kharge to reach a decision. It seems that this controversy will be avoided for the time being as the party would not like to pave the way for a new controversy by getting involved in such a complicated issue at the time of Gujarat elections.

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