Congress Leader Rashid Khan’s Provocative Statement on Prophet Controversy, says “Will Burn Raja Singh’s House”

Killing of a person who betrays the prophet is justified: Rashid

Rashid did not stop here while serving these words in the form of dirt that created an atmosphere of violence in the country. When the anchor said that you do not have the right to burn down the Raja’s house, what you are saying is also wrong.

On this Rashid Khan says that the killing of a person who betrays the prophet is justified.

Giving this statement, Rashid may have forgotten that he lives in India where the rules of the Constitution are followed by law and not the rules of Sharia.

This country runs according to the Constitution of India and not by the book of Sharia.

Despite all this, Rashid also said that Raja Singh had given objectionable statements in the past, after which he was detained for some time and then released.

At the same time, he was seen defending Akbaruddin Owaisi, who has given indecent statements many times on Hindu gods and goddesses. On this Rashid says that a case was registered against him.

But the truth is that whether it is Raja Singh or Akbaruddin, the action was taken against both of them under the Constitution. But according to Rashid, the action was taken on Akbaruddin but not on Raja Singh.