Complaints about car parking in shopping malls, allegations of beating of youth and his family members

A young man working in Texas and his family have been charged with assaulting a security guard. The incident took place in Goriyahat. Police have arrested the security guard on the basis of this allegation. On the other hand, the shopping mall has accused the young man of beating the security guard.

Allegedly, the victim is a resident of New Alipore. He works in Texas. He came home on holiday a few days ago. Went to a shopping mall in Goriyahat with his family yesterday afternoon. Then there is a problem centered on the car parking. Allegedly, when he went to park the car, he first got into a fight with the security guard. The security guard then allegedly beat him and three members of his family. The man lodged a complaint at Gariahat police station. After receiving the complaint, the police of Goriyahat police station went to the shopping mall and arrested the security guard. The name of that security guard is Raju Shrestha. Although the security guards’ supervisor claims, the accused security guards are not at fault. The man could not park the car properly. The security guard asked to park the car at the specified place. But, that person got involved in a quarrel. Raju, a security guard, has been working here for 10 years and has never been heard of abusing anyone before, the supervisor said.

He alleged that the security guard was beaten. He said the family had left the car in the middle of the road without parking at the designated place. As a result, there were problems in keeping other cars. The security guard was first beaten. The supervisor claimed that he hit back to save himself. However, the security guard did not lodge a complaint with the police station.