CM Mann’s announcement: Where was the 3 lakh crore loan spent on Punjab, we will investigate and recover it; Congress-Akali Dal ruled for 70 years

ChandigarhA minute ago

CM Bhagwant Mann

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann has made a big announcement regarding the debt of Rs 3 lakh crore on the state. He said that the AAP government will investigate it. Where was this money spent? The previous governments had waived this debt. Where this loan was used, it will be investigated and recovery will be done. This is people’s money.

With Mann’s announcement, now the problems of the Congress and Akali Dal, which run the government in Punjab, may increase. For the last 70 years, there have been governments led by Congress and Akali Dal in Punjab.

CM Mann had asked for a special package of 1 lakh crore after meeting PM Narendra Modi.

If government school-college or hospital is not built then where did the loan go?
CM Mann said that everyone says that Punjab has a debt of 3 lakh crores. How will you fulfill the guarantee? Mann said that neither any hospital nor any government school-college was built in Punjab for the last several years. No new government university was also formed. Those already built are also running in loss. Roads have also been built by private companies. Where did the loan go then?

Debt lying in some hills, everyone will recover
This debt is lying in the roots of some hills. May I know where is the loan? We have to recover it. This money belongs to the people. We cannot leave it saying that whatever happened, it happened. Mann had announced 300 units of electricity per month free to every household in Punjab a few days back. During this, the issue of debt expenditure was raised.

Mann government also asked for package from the center
A few days ago, CM Bhagwant Mann had also asked for a special package of 1 lakh crore from the central government in 2 years. Mann had demanded Rs 50,000 crore every year after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi. However, there was a lot of political opposition regarding this. Opponents said that AAP had claimed that they would eliminate the mafia and raise money, but now they themselves are asking for loans.

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