Close all bank a/c in HDFC… Why govt employees have been given this order?

New Delhi: The Department of Water Resources of the Government of Punjab has sent an office memo to all chief engineers, executive engineers and superintending engineers of the water resources department of the state requesting to close all bank accounts with HDFC Bank.

Principal Secretary Water Resources dated 22nd August 2022 has issued an office memo. The copy has been forwarded to the Principal Secretary finance with the request to issue directions to all the departments to close the accounts with HDFC Bank as it has apparently been noted that the bank “never co-operates” as and when the department “needs their support. The memo has been forwarded to all Administrative Secretaries.

Read the Office Memo below

In the office memo, it has been written, “It has been brought to the notice by certain Executive Engineers (Drainage-cum- District Mining Officers that the HDFC Bank had issued certain bank guarantees to the mining contractors. These mining contractors have made default in making payment to the state government and when the Executive Engineers (Drainage-cum- District Mining Officers approach the bank to encash the bank guarantee, HDFC Bank for the one reason or the other is not encashing these bank guarantees.”

Accordingly, it has been decided that no bank accounts be kept in the HDFC Bank. In addition to it, in case some of the employees had their salary account opened in the HDFC Bank they may be persuaded and requested in the larger interest of the department to close their accounts with the HDFC Bank and they may be requested to open their salary accounts in any other bank of their choice”