Chip made in Government School reached ISRO: Satellite made for Amrit Mahotsav installed, girl students will see live launching

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  • Satellite Launch For 75th Amrit Festival Of Independence; Girl Students Of Government Schools Of Amritsar Will See Live Launching

Amritsar43 minutes ago

Students, Principal Mandeep Kaur and teachers of Government School Mall Road.

A satellite is being launched by ISRO on 7th August Sunday due to the Amrit Mahotsav in the 75th of Independence. In which students will see live from 75 schools across India. Students of Mall Road Senior Secondary School, Amritsar are also involved in this project. Under this project, science students have prepared a chip. This chip is passed to be assembled into the satellite, which is to be launched on 7 August.

This year the country is celebrating the 75th Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. In this series, a satellite is being launched by ISRO on 7 August. The satellite in which the students of government schools across India have contributed. Only 75 schools across India were selected for this. In which two schools of Punjab were selected. In which the government school located on Mall Road in Amritsar and the other government school in Batala in Gurdaspur are included.

Mandeep Kaur, principal of Government Girl’s School, Mall Road, Amritsar, told that ten students of the science department of her school prepared a project under the guidance of their science teacher. A chip has been prepared in this project which has been assembled in the satellite going to be launched by ISRO on 7 August.

Students will watch the launching live

Principal Mandeep Kaur told that the children of her department and the principal and teachers are reaching Chennai on Sunday. He will see this satellite launch with his own eyes. The satellite in which the chip prepared by him is also assembled. There cannot be a more joyous occasion than this.

Competed with students from all over the country

Chemistry teacher Kamal said that the children who have prepared this chip, they are getting a lot of enthusiasm among the children too. After first competing with schools across the country, he is now going to ISRO. At the same time, for the first time in his life, he is going to see a satellite launch live. This experience itself gives a different happiness.

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