Channi said- I can also be killed: Vigilance called even on the day of Baisakhi holiday, I am ready to bear the torture

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Chandigarh8 hours ago

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Former CM Charanjit Channi has to appear before Vigilance today itself.

Former Punjab CM Charanjit Channi accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of getting me killed. Vigilance has to inquire in case of disproportionate assets from Channi.

Charanjit Channi at Chandigarh’s Punjab Kala Bhavan said, ‘Vigilance had earlier called on April 12 to join the investigation. I told them that I cannot come because I am busy.

Charanjit Channi had held a press conference in Jalandhar.

Channi said- I am ready, will go to vigilance office alone
Channi said, ‘Vigilance called me again on 20 April. When I told the truth in the press conference, the government was shocked and was called today itself. The Punjab government has opened the vigilance office for me despite Baisakhi holiday, so that I can be harassed. I am ready to bear the atrocities of CM Bhagwant Mann’s government.

The Punjab government can beat up, even kill, but I will go to the vigilance office alone. Punjab government can arrest me. Can put me in jail today itself. But, I am getting the strength to bear the tyranny of the Hon’ble Government from my Guru and the senior Sahibzads of Chamkaur Sahib.’

Fought election by selling land, no property
Channi said that CM Bhagwant Mann told that he sold his 8-10 forts of land in every election. Today they do not have any land. He has put his land in the service of the people. He said that CM Bhagwant Mann told that I am Rajwada and I have property worth 170 crores. But he does not have any property except a house, office and a shop. Apart from this, if he has any property, he will write the name of the Punjab Government or Gurdwara Sahib.

Channi became emotional, said – did not take money from anyone
He said that even today I have kept Akhand Path at my house and get Akhand Path done 4 times in a year. During this he became emotional and started crying. Channi said that he has never taken money from anyone till date. If someone says that he took money in exchange for someone, then he should be hanged. Someone in my area should say that Channi was given tea.

Channi said that when he contests elections, he sends tea and pakodas from home to the villages he has to go to. Fought elections by selling their land. Today they do not have any land. Only his son has a sheller business. Despite this, the Punjab government is calling me corruption. He challenged the government to prove that it had ever taken even a single paisa from anyone.

Channi spoke against the government in Jalandhar
Charanjit Channi was in Jalandhar yesterday. Here he filed the nomination of Lok Sabha by-election candidate Kamaljit Kaur. After this, Channi lashed out at Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Channi had termed the AAP government as anti-Dalit and anti-Sikh. The government’s reaction came only two hours after this. Reaction came through vigilance that he should not appear in the investigation on April 20 but today itself.

CM Channi at a press conference in Chandigarh.  On this occasion, except Navjot Sidhu, the senior leadership of Punjab Congress is present with him.

CM Channi at a press conference in Chandigarh. On this occasion, except Navjot Sidhu, the senior leadership of Punjab Congress is present with him.

CM Bhagwant Mann insulted Akal Takht Jathedar
Channi said that CM Bhagwant Mann tried to insult the Jathedar of Akal Takht. When he spoke against it, the Punjab government was furious. He said that the Punjab government should answer his 10-12 questions. He said that the CM should answer on what basis he spoke against the Jathedar.
Channi said that CM Bhagwant Mann may have been born in a Sikh family, but the sect and rituals should have been known. He said that Bhagwant Mann has not yet apologized to the Jathedar.

Congress bid – Seeing the electoral defeat, the government was upset
Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Pratap Singh Bajwa and Congress Punjab Chief Amarinder Singh Raja Warding said that Vigilance has sent this message under the pressure of the government. Seeing its defeat in the elections and falling popularity in the state, the government is fuming. As soon as Channi termed the government as anti-Dalit, the Vigilance sent a message to Channi to appear immediately without waiting.

Apart from Sidhu, all Congress leaders were present.
Apart from Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, the entire senior leadership is present in the press conference. These include former CM Charanjit Singh Channi, State Incharge Harish Chowdhary, State President Amarinder Singh Raja Warding, Leader of Opposition from Congress Pratap Singh Bajwa, Working President Bharat Bhushan Ashu, Rajkumar Chabbewal and other leaders.

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