Chandigarh University video leak case: charge sheet presented in court, army-student made accused, Sunny Mehta and Rankaj Verma ‘clean chit’

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On Thursday, the Kharar police filed a charge sheet in the local court in connection with the making of a nude video by a girl student at Chandigarh University (CU), Mohali, Punjab. Indian Army soldier Sanjeev Singh has been made the main accused along with the accused student in the charge sheet. On the other hand, according to police sources, both the youths of Shimla, Rankaj Verma and Sunny Mehta, have been kept out of the category of accused. Although the police say that the court will now take the rest of the action during the hearing in this case.

Please inform that now the matter will come to the stage of framing of charges in the court. In this, possibly, Rankaj and Sunny can get relief. Earlier, the police did not have solid evidence even against his bail plea. Both are out on bail. Whereas girl students and army men are in jail. On September 18, university students had accused the accused girl student that she had made a nude video of some girls taking a bath in the washroom. There was huge commotion and demonstration in the university for 2 days. The police picked up the accused MBA first year girl student and Rankaj Verma and Sunny Mehta from Shimla and registered a case against all three.

Later, Sanjeev Mehta, a resident of Jammu posted in Arunachal Pradesh, was arrested and brought on 24 September. Police investigation revealed that the accused was blackmailing the young girl on the basis of her nude video and asking her for videos of other girl students who were with him in the university hostel.

married army man
Soldier Sanjeev Singh, who was caught from Arunachal Pradesh, told the police during interrogation that he had befriended the accused student on social media. After getting to know each other 7 months back, their numbers were exchanged. After which they started talking through video calling. The accused Sanjeev is 31 years old. He is already married. He is a resident of Jammu. However, he said during interrogation that he knew only the accused student. He is not aware of his associates Sunny Mehta and Rankaj Verma. He also told the girl’s number during interrogation.

After the video was leaked in Chandigarh University, girl students demonstrated in the campus.

After the video was leaked in Chandigarh University, girl students demonstrated in the campus.

2 mobiles of the soldier were seized
Police had seized two mobiles of soldier Sanjeev Singh. A lot of data was revealed in their forensic investigation. The accused student had sent her nude video to him. Due to this, the soldier started blackmailing him. At the same time, the family of the student was also threatened. The accused had befriended the student through the social media accounts running in his mobile. After which they used to talk to each other through video calling.

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