Challan deducted for less petrol in Kerala: took 250 rupees from a young man riding a wrong side bike, said – there is not enough petrol in your car

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A photographer in Kerala has claimed on a social media post that the Kerala Police cut his challan for lack of oil in the vehicle. A photographer named Basil Shyam has also shared the picture of the challan on Facebook on 26 July.

Basil has written – Kerala Police has taken a challan of Rs 250 from me because I did not keep enough petrol in my car.

The car was driven on the wrong side, the question raised on the work of the police
Basil has written in a Facebook post – I was going from my home for office on 22nd July. During this, the police caught me driving on the wrong side. The police asked me for Rs 250 as challan, which I gave. But when I reached the office and saw the challan slip, my senses were blown away.

The e-challan of this incident which took place in Ernakulam district is of July 22.

The e-challan of this incident which took place in Ernakulam district is of July 22.

At the same time, users have questioned the work of the police. A user named Suresh wrote – There is a fine of 1000-2000 rupees for driving the wrong side, but the policemen made this mistake due to taking less money. Policemen should take a lesson from this.

The bike never runs short of petrol
Basil further wrote – I use a 350 model bike of Royal Enfield. Till today there is never less petrol in it. According to Basil’s bio, he works as a photographer in the Public Relations Department of the Government of Kerala.

No rule of challan if petrol is low
Basil has claimed that a transport department official called him after posting the post. The official said over phone that there is no challan rule for two-wheeler drivers in the Motor Act Act for shortage of petrol. This rule is for buses and vehicles with public transport.

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