‘Chaliye khatam karte hai!’ YouTube India’s resignation letter goes viral

New Delhi: If you use social media frequently, you may have noticed that a number of resignation letters that are incredibly honest are going viral online. YouTube India is now the most recent to jump on the trends train. You did read that correctly. A brief but amusing resignation letter that the company released has undoubtedly gained the support of online users.

A succinct but humorous resignation letter was posted by YouTube India on its official Twitter account. “To whomsoever it may concern, chaliye khatam karte hain (Let’s finish this now),” the letter read. Read More: Loyalty Pays Off: Burger King employee gets ‘Goodie Bag’ on work anniversary

“Nice resignation letter,” reads the caption of the post. Read More: Massive layoffs at Netflix again! Streaming company fires 300 employees in second round

Netizens had a variety of humorous responses to the post, which they shared in the comments section. Some of these received witty and sassy responses from YouTube India.

“Aap resign mat karo (Please don’t resign),” a user commented to which the company replied, “Never.”

Check out other tweets:

Even Bajaj Capital posted an open letter of resignation that had internet users in tears.”Dear sir, meri neend, mera chain mujhe lauta do, warna mera ho gaya. Yours sincerely (Dear sir, please return my sleep and my peace, otherwise I am done. Yours sincerely),” reads the letter.