CBI arrests Deputy Chief Engineer of Northern Railway for accepting bribe of Rs 50,000 – Rail Hunt

Lucknow, The CBI has arrested AK Mittal, a Deputy Chief Engineer of Northern Railway, taking a bribe of Rs 50,000. A case was registered against a Deputy Chief Engineer (Construction) of Northern Railway, Lucknow by the complainant for demanding bribe in lieu of passing the bills of his firm engaged in project work at Charbagh, Lucknow.

It is said that Sunil Kumar Srivastava of a private company had complained to the CBI about Arun Kumar Mittal demanding bribe. After this, the CBI caught Arun Kumar Mittal by laying a trap.

According to the information released by the CBI, after investigation, a trap was laid and the accused was caught red-handed while demanding and accepting undue advantage of Rs. The engineer was taking Rs.50,000/- from the complainant. The CBI conducted searches at other locations of the accused including Delhi and Lucknow. In the search other property including cash has been found. CBI has seized movable and immovable property worth about 38 lakhs. The engineer has been presented in the Lucknow court.