Canadas Biggest Gold, Cash Heist: Third Indian-Origin Man Arrested In CAD 22 Million Theft Case

An Indian-origin man has been arrested in Canada in connection with a big gold heist of millions at Toronto’s main airport, according to PTI. This arrest of this 36-year-old man comes nearly a month after the capture of five individuals implicated in the robbery, which stands as the largest in the nation’s history. 

In April last year, an air cargo container was stolen from a secure storage facility by using counterfeit documents. The cargo container had arrived on a Canada-bound flight from Zurich, Switzerland. After it landed at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, the cargo was offloaded and transported to a safe location, soon after which it was reported missing. 

The vanished cargo had 6600 bars of pure gold, weighing 400 kg, which were valued at over 20 million dollars and contained foreign currencies worth 2.5 million Canadian dollars. 

During the probe, on May 6, 2024, the police apprehended a person named Archit Grover as he flew back from India. As per the PTI’s report citing the police official, there was a Canada-wide arrest warrant against him for an alleged theft of over 5,000 Canadian dollars and conspiracy to commit an indictable criminal act. Grover is also accused in the United States of firearm-related charges. 

Last month, authorities arrested five individuals with Indian origin hailing from Ontario: Parmpal Sidhu, aged 54, and Amit Jalota, aged 40. Ammad Chaudhary (43), Ali Raza (37), and Prasath Paramalingam (35) were also held in connection with the case. 

Police reports suggest that at least two former Air Canada employees were allegedly aided in the theft. One of them is currently in custody, while an arrest warrant has been issued for the other.