Budget Session Extended Till February 10: Pralhad Joshi

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said on Tuesday that the ongoing Budget session of Parliament is being extended by a day till Saturday, Fauray 10. The government is reportedly planning to present a ‘white paper’ comparing the state of the Indian economy before and after 2014, reported the news agency PTI. 

The session, originally scheduled to conclude on February 9, commenced on January 31. In her interim budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the central government would publish a ‘White Paper’ contrasting the state of the Indian economy before and after 2014.

The challenges faced during those years have been successfully addressed, and the economy has been steered onto a trajectory of robust and sustainable growth accompanied by comprehensive development. It is now pertinent to reflect on the period leading up to 2014 and compare it to the present solely to glean insights from the shortcomings of those times.

“The White Paper on economic mismanagement during the UPA government will elaborate on India’s economic misery. It will also talk about the impact of positive steps that could have been taken at that time,” said ANI, citing sources.

In her speech on February 1, the finance minister announced that the government would present a White Paper in the House. While Parliament typically does not convene on weekends, there have been recent instances of both Houses meeting on Saturdays.

Meanwhile, during his motion of thanks for the President’s address on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi heavily criticised the Congress, asserting that the party “would have taken 100 more years” to accomplish what BJP had achieved in the past decade.

“Our goals are big, and the world is seeing that. The pace at which work is progressing in India… Congress can’t even imagine it. We built four crore houses for poor people… 80 lakh pukka houses. It would’ve taken 100 years for Congress to get this work done…” the Prime Minister said.

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