BTS Star V And IU Get Goofy In Behind-The-Scene Photos From Love Wins All – News18

Curated By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: January 29, 2024, 14:08 IST

Love Wins All track was released on January 24. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The first set of BTS pictures captures IU and V in their wedding costumes. The duo pose together with beaming smiles on their faces.

All the members of the South Korean boyband BTS are currently serving in the military. Despite their absence, the septet is making sure to keep their fans entertained. On January 24, the much-anticipated music collaboration between BTS member V and singer IU, titled Love Wins All was released. Fans were left flooring by the duo’s crackling yet heartbreaking on-screen chemistry amidst a fictional dystopian world. The amazing visuals and hard-hitting lyrics of the pre-release track, directed by Um Tae-Hwa were a bonus. Now, almost a week after Love Wins All’s release, IU and V treated the masses with some behind-the-scenes images from the music video, making them happier.

In a joint Instagram post, IU and V wrote, “Be happy, Tae Joon and Ji Hye,” referring to their characters in Love Wins All. The first set of BTS pictures captures IU and V in their wedding costumes, smeared with dust, stains, and tearing. Their faces bear the impression of a rough time, marked with cuts and bruises. The duo pose together with beaming smiles on their faces with V wrapping his arms around the Blueming singer. In another IU presses her cheeks against V, sporting goofy expressions. In one photograph, IU jokingly holds a red coloured ball close to V’s nose and exudes a cheeky smile.

In a separate post, IU shared some stills from Love Wins All’s music video. She was seen donning an all-black ensemble while V wore a rugged white cardigan and pants. She even enjoyed a delicious beverage on the filming sets, sharing some fun moments with V. The BTS member also did not hold back in dropping BTS images on his Instagram handle. He gave a close-up view of his makeup for the track and treated us to some handsome pics of himself in a black wedding suit.

Love Wins All’s music video shows IU and V trying to escape a cubical-shaped robotic object, presumably from the extra-terrestrial world that has taken over Earth. Although they leave no stone unturned to get away from the looming trouble, by the end of the video, they are killed. Eagle-eyed fans guessed that V gave a tribute to BTS member SUGA in the song as the end credits attributed the cube-shaped thing to be a “Special guest”.

On the work front, while all the BTS members are planning to reunite in 2025, IU is working on her latest album.