BTS: Jungkook Asked to Choose Between Two Female Leads From Twenty-Five Twenty-One, This is Who He Picks

BTS’ Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook, who is recovering from Covid-19 had an interaction session with ARMYs on Friday early morning. The singer who first said that he was bred, later asked fans through his Instagram Story section whether he should hold a V Live session. He next decided to play the balance game, where he was asked to pick between two things. Out of many things that ARMYs asked, one of the questions was around the popular Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One that Jungkook follows as well.

He was asked to choose between the two female leads Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Ko Yu-rim (Bona). However, the Still With You singer went with the male lead of the series, Baek Yi-jin, played by Nam Joo-hyuk. As translated from Korean by a fan, Jungkook said, “Me? I choose Back Yi-jin.”

This left ARMYs in splits and they opined that he did not choose one of the women leads on purpose. One of them wrote, “LMAO JUNGKOOK CHOOSING BAEK YI-JIN OVER HEE-DO OR YU-RIM SAMEEEEEE,” while another added, “Maybe he avoid any issue with a girl so understandable.”

He was also asked to choose between 5 years old V or 70 years old V. To this, he answered that he would choose 5 years old Taehyung.

Another ARMY asked Jungkook to choose between Business Proposal and Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Hid witty reply came, “ah… this is really hard… for me… business-five proposal-one.”

There were many things that fans asked him and some of his top choices were romantic films over horror films, titanic over twilight, phone calls over texts, beach over mountains and winters over summers. However, he couldn’t choose between an angry Hobi and an angry Jimin.

Meanwhile, Jungkook is quarantined after testing positive for Covid-19. This came right before the Grammy Awards where BTS is set to perform, following their PTD on Stage Las Vegas concert.

He has been constantly interacting with the ARMYs and sharing his health updates with them. On Thursday, he uploaded a video where he talked about his health. J-Hope had contracted Covid right before Jungkook, and couldn’t travel to the US with the other members. however, he has recovered and will be joining RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga and V soon.

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