BTS: J-Hope Reveals Why He ‘Chose’ Fire As Main Theme in ‘Arson’; Watch Video

BTS member J-hope has finally released his highly anticipated solo album n Jack in the Box. This is the K-pop singer’s debut solo album and its second single ‘Arson’ is finally out. Arson has set a fire with its lyrics. This time, J-Hope has played with his creativity by merging it with flames and ARMY is loving it.

The much-awaited music video was out on July 15, and the lead singer has now given a sneak peek of his behind-the-scenes fun via Instagram. Just a day after the track’s release, J-hope opened up about the inspiration behind Arson. Well, it has a connection with his younger self.

Before the shooting of Arson’s music video, J-hope filmed a special introduction for fans and said, “What’s up Instagram, it is j-Hope here. Today we are here on set shooting a music video for my new single Arson. I’m so excited to be here with you guys. So, let’s have a good time.”

The pop icon explained the title of Arson and stated how fire plays an important part in this track. He said the crux of the track, “Since the song title is Banghwa which means “arson” many things are being set on fire leaving behind ashes. The theme is visualized starting with the outfit. Overall, I plan to capture the message of this song with the music video”.

While explaining the message, J-Hope traveled down memory lane to recall his younger self. He said, “Since I was young, I’ve been working with sparks of passion and I thought these sparks are the right material for it. That’s why I chose fire. In fact, I put a lot of effort into this album. I tried to show my true colours in it. I tried a lot of new things as well. While you’re listening to my album, I hope you see this new side of j-hope and enjoy it.”

Once filming the music video, J-hope called it a fun experience and hoped for ARMY to like it as well., “This was fun. I hope you guys like it too,” he said.

Not only the music video, but even lyrics-wise the song is all about flames. The track’s chorus goes, “If anyone asks me, Right, I lit the flame. Now I ask myself, choose what. Do I put out the fire, or burn even brighter”.

If the music video is anything to go by, Arson appears to be J-Hope’s attempt to capture his raw feelings without any filter.

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