Breaking News: Tragic Road Accident In Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj, Around 40 Passengers Injured | ABP News

Tragic road accident in Kannauj, bus fell from expressway, 40 passengers injured. A painful road accident has taken place in Kannauj, UP. A bus fell from Lucknow Expressway. More than 40 passengers are said to be injured. This accident happened because the driver fell asleep. Painful road accident in Kannauj, Lucknow – Bus fell from the expressway, 40 passengers injured. This accident happened due to the driver falling asleep. A painful accident happened in Kannauj, Lucknow – A bus fell from the expressway. 40 passengers injured. The driver fell asleep. This accident happened due to: Tragic accident in Kannauj Lucknow-Expressway. Stay tuned for the latest updates only on ABP News.