Breaking Barriers: Maanvi Madhu Kashyap Becomes Bihars First Transgender Sub-Inspector

Breaking barriers in this rigid world is truly a big achievement especially for those who are being treated inferior all their lives. One such example is Maanvi Madhu Kashyap. Hailing from a small village in Bhagalpur of Bihar, she has made history by becoming the state’s first transgender sub-inspector. 

Her remarkable achievement in the Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission’s recruitment exam for 1275 sub-inspector posts marks a significant milestone for the transgender community in India. Of the three transgenders who succeeded in this exam, Maanvi is the sole transwoman, with the other two being transmen.

Maanvi Madhu Kashyap Inspiring Journey

Born to the late Narendra Prasad Singh and Mala Devi, Maanvi has always been the eldest in her family, bearing significant responsibilities. Despite the passing of her father, she remained firm in her pursuit of her dreams. Maanvi’s educational journey began at SS Sponsored High School Panjwara, continued through Plus Two at CND College, and completed a degree in Political Science from Tilka Manjhi University in the 2018-21 session.

The path to her success was filled with challenges, particularly due to her identity as a transgender woman. She faced numerous obstacles and discrimination, but her determination never wavered. Maanvi credits her Guru, Rahman Sir, Reshma Mam, Sultan Sir, and her parents for their unwavering support and encouragement. They played a crucial role in helping her overcome societal barriers and achieve her goal.