Brainstorming on Railway Service Conduct Manual at Diesel Repair Shed in Kharagpur – Rail Hunt

  • Organizing technical seminar in Kharagpur Diesel Periodic Repair Workshop

Kharagpur. A technical seminar was organized on 23 June 2022 in the meeting room of the Diesel Periodic Repair Workshop of the factory. Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer (Diesel) Ashutosh Kumar was present on this occasion. In this technical seminar, discussion was held on Railway Service Conduct Rules. Senior Section Engineer Sushil Das informed about various aspects of use of technology in the service of Railways.

The program was designed by Ved Prakash Mishra, translator of the official language, and Manish Chandra Jha, Hindi secretary, diesel department. On this occasion Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer of Diesel Department Ashutosh Kumar, Assistant Work Manager Krishna Pad Bose, Senior Section Engineer Shankar Dev Mandal, Sushil Das, Chief Office Superintendent Vamacharan Boipai, Avtar Singh, Ashok Manna, Confidential Assistant Pallava Das, Office Superintendent Madan Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Gond, Roja, Swati Rani, Sr. Section Engineer Venkat Kiran, Sr. Section Engineer (Drawing) Shyam Sunder Gupta, Personnel Department Secretary Shubham Kumar, S.T.C. Librarian Ranjan Kumar and others were present.

The program was conducted in the official language by Manish Chandra Jha, Hindi Secretary, Diesel Department. Senior Section Engineer Sushil Das thought about this aspect. Ved Prakash Mishra praised all the listeners and organizers and officials for organizing this program. Assistant Task Manager Krishna Pad Bose thanked everyone for the successful organization of the program. Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer Ashutosh Kumar in his address thanked all the speakers and the audience. Special thanks to Ved Prakash Mishra and Manish Chandra Jha for organizing the program successfully.