Bombay High Court to hear Sheejan’s bail plea today: Police files 500-page charge sheet in Tunisha Sharma suicide case

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  • Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case, Hearing On Sheejan’s Bail Plea Today In Bombay High Court

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The bail plea of ​​Sheejan Khan, accused in the actress Tunisha Sharma suicide case, will be heard in the Bombay High Court today i.e. on Friday. On the other hand, on Thursday, a 500-page charge sheet was filed in Vasai Court on behalf of Valiv Police Station. Let us inform that earlier Sheejan had filed a bail petition in the Vasai court, which was rejected by the court. After this Sheejan has approached the High Court.

On January 13, the Vasai court rejected the bail plea
Earlier, in the hearing held on January 13, the Vasai court had rejected Sheejan’s bail plea. During the hearing, Sheejan’s lawyer tried his best to get him bail. During this, he also made several claims in defense of the accused. However, despite all the pleas, the bail plea of ​​Sheezan was rejected by the court.

Sheezan’s sister Falak Naz hospitalized
The difficulties of the family of accused Sheejan Khan are not taking the name of abatement. After the cancellation of Sheejan’s bail, now her sister Falak Naaz’s health has deteriorated and she is admitted in the hospital. Sheejan’s mother Kahkshan Faizi has given this information through a social media post.

While sharing the post on January 22, Sheejan’s mother shared an emotional post related to her daughter’s deteriorating health, in which she said- ‘I do not understand for what we and our family are being punished.’

Is it a crime to love someone else’s child like a mother? – whining
While sharing the photo of his daughter on Instagram, Kahkshan wrote – I just do not understand that our family is being punished for something and why? Sheejan, my son is serving sentence in jail for last 1 month without any evidence like prisoners.

Kahkshan further wrote- ‘My daughter is admitted in Falak Hospital. Sheejan’s younger brother who is an autistic child is sick. Is it a crime or illegal for a mother to love someone else’s child as a mother?’

Hearing continues in Tunisha suicide case
Hearing is going on in the court in Tunisha suicide case. In the hearing held last month, Tunisha’s lawyer kept his side and said that on the day Tunisha committed suicide, she had not eaten food whereas Sheejan had. Tunisha’s lawyer said- ‘Sheejan was taken into custody after Tunisha’s suicide but on that day she did not give a proper statement to the police. He keeps changing his statements continuously.

How did Sheejan’s lawyer know that Tunisha had spoken to Ali on the day of the suicide? Apart from this, Sheejan had deleted many chats, some are yet to be retrieved. Both had separate make-up rooms, so why did Tunisha go to Sheejan’s make-up room, it remains to be ascertained.

Sheejan will destroy the evidence if bail is granted
Tunisha’s lawyer while giving reference to actress Pratyusha Banerjee and Monika Jadhav case has said that the accused cannot be granted bail as long as the investigating officer wants. Tunisha’s lawyer has said in front of the judge that if Sheejan gets bail, he can tamper with the evidence.

Tunisha’s lawyer says that they have 21 such clues which show that Sheejan used Tunisha and forced her to commit suicide.

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