Bodies of 8 laborers found in Mizoram’s stone mine: The mine caved in on Monday night, 12 working laborers were trapped

7 hours ago

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In Hanthiyal, 5 digging machines and many drilling machines along with laborers have also been buried in the mine.

A stone quarry collapsed in Mizoram’s Hanthiyal district on Monday. 12 laborers were suspected to be trapped in the accident. BSF team has taken out 8 dead bodies on Tuesday morning. The incident took place in Moudarh area on November 14 at around 3 pm. The rescue teams immediately started the rescue operation.

SP Vineet Kumar said that 13 workers of ABCIL Infrastructure Pvt Ltd were working in the mine at the time of the accident. One laborer managed to escape from there, but 12 laborers could not leave. They got stuck in the rubble. The SP had told that till 7.30 pm, there was no success in evacuating any laborer.

Machines also buried in debris

This mine is operational for the last two and a half years. According to sources, the workers had just returned after having lunch when the mine collapsed and they got trapped under it. Along with the workers, 5 digging machines and several drilling machines have also been buried in the mine. State Disaster Response Force, Border Security Force and Assam Rifles are engaged in rescue operation. People from nearby Leite village and Hanthiyal town are helping in the rescue operation.

Nearby volunteers also engaged in rescue work

Young Mizo Association reached the accident site and helped in the rescue work.

Young Mizo Association reached the accident site and helped in the rescue work.

Medical teams have also reached the spot. People familiar with the area told that the mine collapsed when the laborers were collecting stones after breaking them. Volunteers from the Young Mizo Association reached there from nearby villages and helped in the rescue operation.

The hill was broken deep enoughThe people present on the spot told that the laborers had broken the mountain to a great depth, due to which the hill fell on them. Wanlaljuia, a volunteer, said that a stone or two fell initially. After this some laborers ran away from there, but all the others got stuck there. It is becoming difficult to rescue the people trapped in the debris because the soil of the entire hill has fallen on those laborers. The administration has made all the preparations in Hanthiyal’s hospital. Ambulances have also been rushed to the spot.

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