Bloody game in the dark night in the parking of Tatanagar station, one life was lost, RPF-GRP remained mute spectators – Rail Hunt

  • Blood soaked youth was suffering for 35 minutes at the outgate of Tatanagar railway station, did not get treatment, died
  • Tempo drivers kept pleading, RPF and GRP officers kept wandering here and there, did not take any step

Jamshedpur. There was a ruckus in the Tatanagar station premises on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday (27.07.2022) at 1.30 am when a young man lying in a pool of blood fell on the ground near the Railway Reservation Center. The youth had come running from the out gate of the parking lot and one of his hands was completely cut off and swinging to one side. There was blood splattered everywhere. As soon as the young man fell, some soldiers including RPF sub-inspector, ASI of Railway Police also reached the spot. The condition of the young man was critical. The tempo drivers gathered there were continuously requesting the RPF and Railway Police officials to take the youth to the hospital but no initiative was taken at any level.

Blood splattered in Tatanagar railway parking

After 15 minutes all the tempo drivers brought an auto in which the young man was offered but no one was ready to go till the hospital. Meanwhile 15 more minutes passed. The tempo drivers told the railway police that they are ready to pay the cost of the treatment, the youth should be taken to TMH immediately, but to save them from legal action, they want a policeman to accompany them. There was also a clash with tempo drivers and RPF sub-inspector and Railway Police ASI regarding this. After half an hour of effort, the Railway Police agreed to take the injured to the hospital. The young man was first taken to the railway hospital on a tempo, from where he was sent to MGM. On reaching there, the doctor declared the young man brought dead. The youth has been identified as Vikas Kumar Dubey (26), a resident of Baridih Bagunhatu.

If treatment was given on time, the life of the young man could have been saved.

Driver waiting for police keeping injured youth in tempo

After the incident of assault in the railway station parking lot, the RPF sub-inspector started threatening the tempo drivers. Railway police officers caught a tempo driver and took him to the police station. All this happened because the tempo drivers were pressurizing the administration for better treatment of the injured and the RPF and GRP officers deployed in uniform were considering it as an insult. Whatever happened there, the young man died due to not getting treatment on time.

Now the question is arising that why the young man could not be taken to the hospital on time? Along with RPF, GRP officers were also present there, then why did this happen? Who is responsible for this? Will the RPF and GRP officers take responsibility for this? If no one is coming forward to take responsibility, then it has to be told who is responsible for maintaining law and order and security in the station premises. And what action is being taken on its mistake?

Vikas Dubey was beaten to death in the station parking, where were the Railway Police and RPF

RPF sub-inspector, missing for half an hour after the fight, arrived to investigate

It is being said that Vikas Kumar Dubey (26), a resident of Bagunhatu Baridih, was assaulted in the parking lot of Tatanagar railway station. The cause of his death has become beating. It is also being told that there was a dispute after drinking alcohol in the parking and then there was a fight. The police have found something in the CCTV footage, but the question is that if the commotion continued for half an hour, where were the people of Railway Police and RPF? Who will be responsible for murder between alcohol and beating in railway parking? It is also being said that after the assault in the parking lot, the young man himself injured himself by hitting his hand in the glass of the office at the gate. What happened inside the parking lot is suspicious. Vikas Kumar Dubey had come to Tatanagar station to go to Ahmedabad. Now how impartially the Railway Police will investigate, time will tell ?

A tempo driver like Railhunt told

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