‘Blood’ inside the cracked egg! Panic Belgharia, should you eat these eggs?

Have you ever heard of such an incident before? The eggs cracked. And the fluid in the egg is like blood. What do you do if you see that? Fry or throw away?

A school teacher from Belgharia witnessed such an incident. Indrani Majumder, a resident of Indrapuri area, laid eggs on Thursday morning. That’s when he saw a red watery substance with Kusum. But where did the blood-like liquid in the egg come from? Then, out of curiosity, he cracked the other egg. The same thing happens there. There is a red key in the egg.

Meanwhile, the blood-like watery substance in the egg became known in the area. After that, many people went to the businessman and grabbed him. He did not want to accept anything special.

However, veterinarian Mihir Kumar Biswas has given the reason for the whole incident. According to him, there is no problem in the commercial eggs that come in the market. But the eggs of the farm from which the chicks are made have somehow come to the market. There is a problem because of him. However, there is no reason to panic. There is no question of spreading the virus. However, eating these eggs can cause diarrhea or stomach ailments.

However, the teacher is terrified of this incident. “I have never seen anything like this before,” he said. I did not eat eggs for fear. You have to be scared!