Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain Reminds Ankita Lokhande Of The ‘Freedom’ She Has Got

New Delhi: Vicky Jain’s mother talked about the amount of ‘freedom’, he has given his wife, fellow competitor Ankita Lokhande, on a previous episode of Bigg Boss 17. It appears like Vicky shares her mother’s outdated ideologies, which amazed and outraged the viewers of the show. 

Ankita and Vicky can be seen fighting over him spending time with Mannara Chopra in a promo for the next Bigg Boss episode. With his breakfast bowl in hand, Vicky followed her as she stormed out of the room. Ankita sat down next to him at the dinner table, ready for a confrontation. If he wants to sit with Mannara, she stated she won’t object. But Vicky informed her that she obviously had an issue with it.

“Tu apna din bhar Munna (Munawar) ke saath baith kar khana khati hai, chai peeti hai, main tereko kuch bolta hu (You are hanging out with Munawar all day, do I say anything to you)?” Ankita replies that she does not sit with him all day. When Ankita says that he hangs out with Mannara too often, he says, “Haan toh jaauga, kya galat hai usme (I will go to her, what’s wrong with that)?”

Their fight then moves to the bedroom where Vicky tells Ankita how Ankita holds Munawar’s hand and hugs him when he is upset. “Tu karti hai, main tereko freedom deta hu na (Don’t I give you the freedom)?” He then suggests that he won’t talk to Mannara if she doesn’t talk to Munawar. Ankita calls it a ‘shameless’ suggestion.

The moment they stepped inside the Bigg Boss house, Vicky and Ankita started fighting. Despite the possibility that she wasn’t serious, Ankita has even stated that she will divorce him after the show.