Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: Sreejita De Eliminated From Salman Khan’s Show

Last Updated: January 13, 2023, 23:34 IST

Sreejita De has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 16

Sreejita De, who re-entered Bigg Boss 16 as a wildcard contestant, has been eliminated from Salman Khan’s show.

The Friday episode of Bigg Boss 16 started with Salman Khan dancing to Naatu Naatu to congratulate team RRR after the song bagged the Golden Globe award. Then, Bharti Singh and her husband Harsha enter the Bigg Boss house to entertain the contestants and interact with them. The duo also play a game with the housemates where there will be a team of three people and one person will be on a swing, another person will be pushing the swing while the third person will put a ball between the feet of the person on the swing. They have to put the ball in a basket nearby with their feet. The house is divided into two teams for the games- team pink and team yellow.

Harsh and Bharti play a couple more games with the contestants and they seem to be having a nice time. In one of the games, a contestant will be shown a secret word and they have to select three contestants who match the word. Once they select the contestants, the word will be revealed. Archana gets the first word which is ‘Kaamchor.’ She selects Sreejita De, MC Stan and Tina.

Priyanka chooses Shalin, Tina and Soundarya and the word she gets is ‘Gadha.’ Shalin then chooses Archana, Priyanka and Tina as he gets the word ‘Ghatiya soch.’ This leads to a disagreement between Shalin and Tina. After Bhati and Harsh leave the house, Salman Khan interacts with the contestants. Salman seems to be in a fine mood as he teases Tina because her mother confused Sreejita for her daughter. He asks Archana to recreate the scene. The host then asks the contestants to name their weaknesses and also what they would like to change. Archana states her shortcomings and says she sometimes says the wrong things during arguments and promises not to hurt people. She names Shiv and says that the latter exaggerates what she says.

Sumbul says her weakness is speaking less and promises to talk more. Nimrit states that her weakness is being gullible and she will be more vocal now. Shiv says that being the Bigg Boss Marathi winner works as a disadvantage for him in Bigg Boss 16 as everyone thinks he is playing mind games all the time. One by one, all the housemates state their weaknesses. Sajid Khan says his weakness is not performing well in ration tasks and taking a backseat in gaming tasks. Priyanka says her weakness is being impulsive. Tina calls herself an emotional fool and says she gets carried away with sweet talk.

After Salman is done interacting with the contestants, he meets Bharti and Harsh and celebrates Lohri with them. Salman also babysits Bharti and Harsh’s son Gola.

After the comedian duo exit the house, Salman goes back to the contestants to announce the elimination. Sreejita De is evicted from the house.

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