Bigg Boss 16: Gori Nagori’s BF Sunny Choudhary Wants The Dancer To Tell This To Sajid Khan Amid Their Rift

The relationships between Bigg Boss contestants are forever changing. Gori Nagori who joined Sajid Khan’s company that included – Shiv Thakare, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik, has secluded herself from the group. Currently, Gori is seen taking a stand for herself and breaking all ties with her group members, Shiv Thakare and Sajid Khan. Now, Gori’s boyfriend Sunny Choudhary has said that he is very proud of her and supports her decisions. He feels that if Gori has to survive in the show, she will have to play individually

In an interaction with ETimes, Gori’s boyfriend Sunny Choudhary, Sunny opened up about Gori’s game and shared that the Rajasthani dancer should be careful of Gautam and Soundarya as they could betray her anytime. Sunny Choudhary further stated that he is waiting to see Gori saying no to Sajid Khan’s personal work on his face.


He shared with the outlet, “I want to see Gori telling Sajid Khan on his face that she is not here to do his personal work. Like he is a contestant and a contender even Gori is one than why is he expecting her to his personal work. I think once this happens Sajid Khan will realise his mistake. Unki Akkal tab thikane aaye…”

Speaking of her individual game, Sunny said, “Just because she is friends with Shiv and MC Stan, she would not be able to reach the finale. Unke chakkar mein kitne din reh legi ghar mein (How many days would she stay in the house because of them). People should see that Gori has individual voice and can play her game. Viewers should get to see that even she is strong and can win the show. Initially, people thought Gori is weak and will get eliminated in the first few weeks but see she has managed to stay and also play for herself.”

Recently, Salman Khan schooled Gori Nagori for her performance and grilled her for her inexplicable arrogance on the show, declaring her as the mastermind in the house. The show’s host highlighted her contemptuous behaviour towards her fellow contestants and revealed that if someone is dominating anyone in the house that person is Gori. He further unveiled her strategy of making friends in the house for her own benefit including using Stan as a pawn in her plan. He also addressed her behaviour of revolting against each captain and alarmed her to change her game trajectory if she wishes to reach the finale.

Addressing the same, Sunny said, “I don’t feel Salman sir was wrong in anyway, he tried to boost her up and in a negative way he told her positive things and guide her. Bahut saari negative baatein boli gayi but kya pata uska game ab Nikhar jaaye, Kyunki Woh Usko jagane ke liye tha… you never know in future she would not need anyone be it MC Stan or Shiv Thakare. She can’t reach finale or win the game just depending on someone. This is Bigg Boss house here you make new friends and enemies.”

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