Bigg Boss 16 Ep 1 LIVE: Sajid Khan becomes Abdu Rozik’s translator, wake up song played for the last time

Image Source : COLORS Bigg Boss 16 Ep 1 LIVE

Bigg Boss 16 LIVE: Season 16 of Salman Khan‘s controversial reality show has finally premiered on television and all the contestants have entered the house. This season will witness 16 contestants including Sumbul, Sajid Khan, Tina Datta, Sreejita De, Abdu Rozik and others. Sajid Kahn who was the last contestant to enter has been assigned to become co-contestant Abdu’s translator. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss has left everyone shocked by announcing that there will not be a wake-up song for the contestants after the first episode. Check out the highlights of the Bigg Boss 16 here.

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