Bigg Boss 16, Day 79 Updates: Stan, Sreejita, Soundarya are new captains; Tina and Sumbul get into ugly fight!

New Delhi: Bigg Boss Day 79 starts with a jealousy moment between Tina and Shalin as Sreejita prepares tea for the actor and he praises her a little too much. Also, on her last day of captaincy, Sumbul wakes everyone up with a thali-chammach and Shalin, Tina call her out for that.

In the captaincy task, Vikkas gets fired even before becoming the captain. Finally, after the office task, Soundarya chooses MC Stan and Sreejita as her fellow captains. Also, during the task, Soundarya gets to know that she is not on the priority list for Priyanka.

Archana and Tina fight over Shalin’s chicken, the ‘Uttaran’ actress points out Archana’s sanskar and even talks about her political party.

On the other hand, a few contestants are upset too. Sajid is feeling bad that Soundarya chose Stan and Sreejita over him when he was the one who left his mom’s letter to make her the captain. Also, Shiv, Nimrit, Stan are upset with Nimrit for taking Stan’s name when asked by Vikkas who should be fired.

Tina and Sumbul get into an ugly fight over, actually nothing. Tia just starts screaming when Stan jokes, when Sumbul puts in her point, the ‘Uttaran’ actress goes rogue and says a few below-the-belt things to the ‘Imlie’ actress.

Archana patches things up with Soundarya and later, at night is making a truce with Shiv, Nimrit, Sumbul and MC Stan for eliminating Ankit. She wants Priyanka’s ‘Dulha’ to be kicked out as he and his shoulder (on which Priyanka cries) is making the ‘Udariyaan’ actress stronger. Archana wants to see Priyanka fight alone, wants to see how strong she is when he is out.