Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta gets eliminated, Priyanka Chopra burst into tears

NEW DELHI: The episode starts with host Salman Khan making fun of housemates regarding the buzzers. Salman Khan sarcastically addresses Priyanka Choudhary as ‘Pari-yanka’ and says that she thinks she is superior than others, she should sit on a throne. Salman condemns her for her biased and unfair behaviour inside the house. He then invites her to sit on a large chair propped in the garden area and mocks her for thinking she was above the rest of the housemates.

Priyanka replied that she never wanted to give up her best friend Ankit Gupta for the signing amount of Rs 25 lakh. To which, Salman called her ‘devi’ (Goddess) in a sarcastic tone, “After a long time I found a devi in the house. Whatever you do is correct but if someone else does then it is wrong. Can I ask why?”

Archana Gautam and Soundarya discuss about Priyanka Choudhary and both agrees that it was right that Salman Khan reprimanded her for her decision. Priyanka tells Shalin and Ankit that she is upset about whatever happened and both console her.

Nimrit Kaur tells Sajid Khan that Priyanka didn’t understand anything Salman Khan taught her today. Soundarya says Priyanka will not change and she makes friends as per convenience. Sajid says whatever it is, she is a nice girl. Archana tells Sajid about Priyanka and the prize money. Sajid tells her that she can’t blame only Priyanka because she is also like her and is always about herself. Sajid and his friends Shiv, Nimrit ,and Stan say if nominations didn’t happen even today, it will be a joke and no one will take the nominations seriously.

Manish Paul comes as a guest on Bigg Boss 16 and joins Salman Khan on the stage. He tells the host that he is here for his birthday, which is only a few days away. Both Salman and Maniesh engage into fun banter and entertain viewers. Manish asks Salman Khan about some rumours about him that are circulating on social media and Salman Khan clears each of them.

Manish Paul greets housemates and congratulates them for the extension of the season. Manish tells Salman that since it is his birthday in few days, housemates have prepared some performances for him. Housemates deliver dance performances before the host.

Manish gives a task to housemates in which any contestant will be asked a question and if housemates reply ‘Yes’, and the person will be waxed. Stan, Shalin, and Shiv were waxed each time housemates replied with ‘yes’ to their questions.

Salman bids goodbye to housemates. Bigg Boss calls all contestants into the living room and announce an elimination. Bigg Boss says this week voting lines were closed, therefore housemates have to decide among themselves and take one name among Sreejita, Tina, Ankit, and Vikas for elimination. Bigg Boss says, since Sreejita and Vikas spent less time in the house compared to Tina and Ankit, housemates will take the name of one contestant for elimination based on the performance in last 24 hours. Except Priyanka and Sajid, all housemates take Ankit’s name for elimination. Priyanka is shocked and cries inconsolably.